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troversy. Though a religious sect, called Buchanites, resided for some time in the parish, yet that circumstance did not produce one instance of apostacy from the established church. In fhort the wildnefs of superstition, and the bigotry of fanaticism, are giving place to liberal sentiment, and rational religion; and every good christian beholds with pleasure the dictates of reason, and the maxims of morality, happily connecting themselves with the doctrines of faith, and the duties of devotion."

Kirkintilloch by the reverend Mr William Dunn.

"The inhabitants of this parish are, in general, a virtuous and industrious people. That pride of mind, and impatience of contradiction, which the possession of landed property frequently inspires, perhaps may occasion too many law suits. The present minister was told, before he came amongst them, that they were often disposed to treat their clergymen with neglect and unkindness; but he has experienced nothing in his ministry, that could justify such an accusation.

The existence of seceders, and of seceding meetinghouses, has, perhaps, no bad effect upon the manners ́ and sentiments of the people, either here, or any where else throughout the kingdom. They are, in some degree, spies and checks upon the members of the established church; and the discourses of their clergy are often adapted, with singular felicity, to the capacity and the prejudices of the least enlightened clafses of the community. The small number of the poor, dependent upon alms and the liberal provision made for them by voluntary contributions are facts implying, in so populous a parish, no common praise: They bespeak industry, sobriety, frugality, and charity, to be the leading features in the moral character of the people.

lefs than fifteen houses where ale and spi yet the people, in general, are sober and i extreme. Not one is addicted to dram dri and very rarely is a tradesman, especially seen in liquor. A respectable numbe worship in the established church, and ab the sacrament of our Lord's supper annual "At the same time, there are many, who a burger and antiburger principles, and a fe church of relief. There are also some cl dents, and baptists. Besides several who tachment to any sect whatsoever, and seen ed principles of religion. Concerning t peculiar tenets of these various separatists fr ment, the present incumbent has never be particular inquiry, from an opinion, that peaceable and good members of society, a ly, righteously, and godly," the specula which they may differ, are of very little im it gives him much pleasure to find a spirit and toleration, universally prevailing am and denominations in the parish.”

These are sentiments which will obtain of every liberal minded person.

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SOME of the phenomena of tropical regions have been explained in the foregoing parts of this essay, but others of a very interesting. nature remain to be ac counted for.

In no respect do tropical regions differ more from those that approach nearer to the pole, than in what regards winds, those powerful currents of air, so beneficial, so hurtful, so refreshing, so noxious, so pleasing, so destructive to man' in different circumstances. In tropical regions, the course of the winds are, in general, regular and certain, whereas, in high latitudes, they are so variable and uncertain, that no dependance can be had upon their continuance for any stated time, in any determined point of the compafs, nor can any judgment be formed of the degree of violence with which they will blow at any given period.

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