The History of Newcastle Upon Tyne: Or, The Ancient and Present State of that Town

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J. White, 1736 - 245 trang
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Trang 54 - are divided in their opinions concerning the origin of Lammas-Day; some derive it from LambMass, because on that day the tenants who held lands under the cathedral church in York, which is dedicated to St. Peter ad Vincula, were bound by their tenure to bring a live lamb into the church at high mass: others derive it from a supposed offering or tything of lambs at this time.
Trang 121 - Robinson dwelt, who was deputy herald under Norroy, king at arms. This man wrote in a book the arms of all the mayors of this town from Laurentius Acton, until his time ; and when I was chamberlain of the town, which was about the time of Sir Nicholas Cole's being mayor, in the year 1640, it was then in the town's chamber ; when Trollop built the town court, he borrowed it but would never return it.
Trang 140 - To tell my name I were full loath, I come to warn thee of thy skaith, I tell thee secretly, And thou do after thy husband read, Thou and thy children will all be dead, 120 And that right hastily.
Trang 140 - Therefore or ever you blind, You mind your wife and turn your thought, For of my work I will begin, So well were me all forth brought.
Trang 140 - All but Noah my darling free, His children and their wives, Ever more yet they trow'd in me, Save therefore I will their lives. Henceforth my angel free, Into earth look what...
Trang 58 - After this, they returned the general an answer to this purpose, — that they would upon no terms deliver up the town, but would to the last moment defend it : that the steeple of St. Nicholas...
Trang 140 - For I was never since I was born, Of kind of craft to burthen a boat; For I have neither ryff nor ruff, Spyer, sprund, spront, no sprot. Christ be the shaper of this ship, 85 For a ship need make I must.
Trang 24 - Scots sought to deface the ancient monuments, and said they were papistry and superstition, they began with the spoon of this church's font, and broke it all to pieces. It had been given by one John Bertram. For there was written about it : ' For the honour of God and St. John, John Bertram gave this font stone.
Trang 234 - Have mercy, Lord, on me, I pray ; For men would me devour.
Trang 58 - Town [Marley], and demanded the Keys, and the Delivering up of the Town, or he would immediately demolish the Steeple of St. Nicholas. The Mayor and Aldermen upon hearing this, immediately ordered a certain Number of the chiefest of the Scottish Prisoners to be carried up to the Top of the old Tower, the Place below the...

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