Naval Life: Or, Observations Afloat and on Shore. The Midshipman

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C. Scribner, 1851 - 308 trang
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Trang 252 - There is a Power whose care Teaches thy way along that pathless coast, The desert and illimitable air, Lone wandering, but not lost.
Trang 252 - All day thy wings have fanned, At that far height, the cold, thin atmosphere, Yet stoop not, weary, to the welcome land, Though the dark night is near.
Trang 7 - ... of praise from him. There is no danger from me of offending him in this kind ; neither my mind, nor my body, nor my fortune, allow me any materials for that vanity. It is sufficient for my own contentment, that they have preserved me from being scandalous or remarkable on the defective side.
Trang 252 - Surely this power to waft and sustain himself in the loftiest regions of the air ; his ability to endure, uninjured, the exceeding cold attendant on such remoteness from the earth; and to breathe, with ease, in an atmosphere of such extreme rarity; together with the keenness of sight, that, from such vast heights, can minutely scan the objects below, — are sufficiently admirable to entitle the condor to our attention, though we no longer regard it as a prodigy, or as standing altogether solitary...
Trang 143 - The Phoenicians, setting sail from the Red Sea, made their way into the Southern Sea. When autumn approached, they drew their vessels to land, sowed a crop, and waited till it was grown, when they reaped it, and again put to sea. Having spent two years in this manner, in the third year they reached the Pillars of Hercules, and returned to Egypt — reporting...
Trang 83 - The devil was sick, the devil a saint would be ; The devil was well, the devil a saint was he.
Trang 144 - In it was a large island, and in that island a salt water lake, in which again there was another island. Entering this lake, we saw in the day nothing but forest ; but in the night there were many fires burning ; and we heard various sounds of musical instruments, and the cries of numberless human beings. Being terrified by these objects, and the prophets also exhorting us to quit the island, we made off, and reached next the fiery region of Thymiamata, whence torrents of flame poured down into the...
Trang 252 - From such immense elevations they soar, still more sublimely, upwards into the darkblue heavens, until their great bulk diminishes to a scarcely perceptible speck, or is lost to the aching sight of the observer. In these pure fields of ether, unvisited even by the thunder-cloud — regions which may be regarded as his own exclusive domain — the condor delights to sail, and with piercing glance surveys the surface of the earth, towards which he never stoops his wing, unless at the call of hunger....
Trang 144 - We therefore took our speedy departure from this place, and after four days' farther sail, saw the earth in the night full of flames. There appeared also in the midst of them one lofty fire greater than the rest, which seemed to reach to the very stars ; this, when seen by daylight, proved to be a very lofty mountain, called the chariot of the gods. Thence by a navigation of three days, having passed these fiery torrents, we came upon another bay, called the Southern Horn. In its inmost recess was...
Trang 23 - ... down, within the deep, That oft to triumph bore him, He sleeps a sound and pleasant sleep, With the salt waves washing o'er him. He sleeps serene, and safe From tempest or from billow, Where the storms, that high above him chafe, Scarce rock his peaceful pillow. The sea and him in death They did not dare to sever : It was his home while he had breath ; 'Tis now his rest for ever.

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