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and military ftores, fuch as gunpowder, lead, iron, plank, fulphur, timber for building, tar, pitch, rofin, turpentine, and any other goods denominated naval and military ftores, fhall be permitted to be fold in this regency, without paying any duties whatever at the cuftom-houfe of this regency.

belonging to this regency, fhall be allowed to take any perfon, of whatever nation or denomination, out of any veffel belonging to the United States of North America, in order to examine them, or under pretence of making them confefs any thing defired: neither fhall they inflict any corporal punish3. The veffels of both nations ment, or any way elfe moleft them. fhall pafs each other without any 6. If any veffels belonging to the impediment or moleftation; and all United States of North America goods, monies, or paifengers, of fhall be ftranded on the coast of whatsoever nation, that may be on this regency, they fhall receive board of the veffels belonging to every poffible affiftance from the either party, fhall be confidered as fubjects of this regency; all goods inviolable, and fhall be allowed to faved from the wreck fhall be perpafs unmolested. mitted to be re-embarked on board of any other velel, without paying any duties at the custom-house.

4. All fhips of war belonging to this regency, on meeting with merchant veffels belonging to citizens of the United States, fhall be allowed to vifit them with two perfons only befides the rowers; thefe two only permitted to go on board faid veffel, without obtaining exprefs leave of the commander of faid veffel, who fhall compare the paffport, and immediately permit faid veffel to proceed on her voyage unmolested. All thips of war belonging to the faid United States of North America, on meeting with an Algerine cruizer, and fhall have feen her paffport and certificate from the conful of the United States of North America, refident in this regency, fhall be permitted to proceed on her cruife unmolefted; no pafiport to be iffued to any fhips but fuch as are abfolutely the property of citizens of the United States; and eighteen months fhall be the term allowed for furnishing the fhips of the United States with paflports.

5. No commander of any cruifer

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7. The Algerines are not, on any pretence whatever, to give or fell any veffel of war to any nation at war with the United States of North America, or any veffel capable of cruifing to the detriment of the commerce of the United States.

8. Any citizens of the United States of North America having bought any prize condemned by the Algerines, thall not be again captured by the cruifers of the regency then at fea, although they have not a pailport; a certificate from the conful refident being deemed fufficient, until fuch time as they can procure fuch paffport.

9. If any of the Barbary ftates at war with the United States of North America fhall capture any American veffel, and bring her into any of the ports of this regency, they fhall not be permitted to fell her, but fhall depart the port on procuring the requifite fupplies of provifion,

10. Any

10. Any veffel belonging to the United States of North America, when at war with any other nation, fhall be permitted to fend their prizes into the ports of the regency, and have leave to difpofe of them without paying any duties on fale thereof. All veffels wanting provifions or refreshments fhall be permitted to buy them at market price.

11. All fhips of war belonging to the United States of North America, on anchoring in the ports of the regency, fhall receive the ufual prefents of provifions and refreshments, gratis. Should any of the fubjects of this regency make their efcape on board veffels, they fhall be immediately returned. No excufe fhall be made, that they have hid themselves amongst the people, and cannot be found, or any other equivocation.

12. No citizen of the United States of North America fhall be obliged to redeem any flave against his will, even thould he be his brother; neither fhall the owner of a flave be forced to fell him against his will: but all fuch agreements must be made by confent of parties. Should any American citizens be taken on board au enemy's fhip, by the cruifers of this regency, having regular paffports, fpecifying they are citizens of the United States, they fhall be immediately fet at liberty. On the contrary, they having no paffport, they and their property fhall be confidered lawful prizes; as this regency know their friends by their paffport.

13. Should any of the citizens of the United States of North America die within the limits of this

regency, the dey and his fubjects fhall not interfere with the property of the deceased; but it thall be under the immediate direction of the conful, unless otherwise difpofed of by will. Should there be no conful, the effects fhall be depofited in the hands of fome perfons worthy of truft, until the party fhall appear who has a right to demand them, when they shall render an account of the property. Neither fhall the dey or divan give hindrance in the execution of any will that may appear.

14. No citizen of the United States of North America fhall be obliged to purchase any goods againft his will; but, on the contrary, fhall be allowed to purchase whatever it pleaseth him. The conful of the United States of North America, or any other citizen, fhall not be amenable for debts contracted by any one of their own nation, unless previously they have given a written obligation fo to do. Should the dey want to freight any American veffel that may be in the regency, or Turkey, faid veffel not being engaged in confequence of the friendship fubfifting between the two nations, he expects to have the preference given him, on his paying the fame freight offered by any other nation.

15. Any difputes, or fuits at law, that may take place between the fubjects of the regency and the citizens of the United States of North America, fhall be decided by the dey in perfon, and no other. Any difputes that may arife be tween the citizens of the United States, fhall be decided by the conful; as they are in fuch cafes not fubject to the laws of this regency. 16. Should

16. Should any citizen of the United States of North America, kill, wound, or strike a subject of this regency, he fhall be punished in the fame manner as a Turk, and not with more feverity. Should any citizen of the United States of North America, in the above predicament, efcape prifon, the conful fhall not become anfwerable for him.

17. The conful of the United States of North America fhall have every perfonal fecurity given him. and his household; he thall have liberty to exercife his religion in his own house. All flaves of the fame religion fhall not be impeded in going to faid conful's house at hours of prayer. The conful thall have liberty and perfonal fecurity given him, to travel whenever he pleafes, within the regency: he fhall have free licence to go on board any veffel lying in our roads, whenever he thall think fit. The conful fhall have leave to appoint his own dragoman and por


18. Should a war break out between the two nations, the conful of the United States of North America, and all citizens of the faid ftate, fhall have leave to embark themselves and property unmolefted, on board of whatever veffel or veffels they fhall think proper.

19. Should the cruizes of Algiers capture any veffel, with citizens of the United States of North America on board, they having papers to prove they are really fo, they and their property fhall be immediately difcharged. And thould 'the veffels of the United States capture any veffels of nations at war with them, having fubjects of

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21. The conful of the United States of North America shall not be required to pay duty for any thing he brings from a foreign country, for the ufe of his house and family.

22. Should any disturbance take place between the citizens of the United States and the fubjects of this regency, or break an article of this treaty, war thall not be declared immediately; but every thing fhall be fearched into regularly: the party injured fhall be made reparation.

On the 21ft of the moon of Safer, 1216, correfponding with the 5th of September, 1795, Jofeph Donaldson, junior, on the part of the United States of North America, agreed with Haffan Bashaw, dey of Algiers, to keep the articles contained in this treaty facred and inviolable; which we, the dey and divan, promife to obferve, on confideration of the United States paying annually the value of twelve thoufand Algerine fequins in maritime ftores. Should the United States forward a larger quantity, the overplus fhall be paid for in money, by the dey and regency. Any veffel that may be captured from the date of this treaty of peace and amity, fhall immediately


be delivered up on her arrival in and confent of the fenate of the faid United States.


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Whereas the under-written David Humphreys hath been duly appointed commiflioner plenipotentiary, by letters patent under the fignature of the prefident, and feal of the United States of America, dated the 30th of March, 1795, for negotiating and concluding a treaty of peace with the dey and governors of Algiers; whereas by inftructions given to him on part of the executive, dated 28th of March and 4th of April, 1795, he hath been further authorised to employ Jofeph Donaldfon, junior, on an agency in the faid bufinefs; whereas, by a writing under his hand and feal, dated the 21st of May, 1795, he did conftitute and appoint Jofeph Donaldfon, jun. agent in the bufinefs aforefaid; and the faid Jofeph Donaldfon, jun. did, on the 5th day of September, 1795, agree with Haffan Bafhaw, dey of Algiers, to keep the articles of the preceding treaty facred and inviolable.

Now, know ye, that I David Humphreys, commiffioner plenipotentiary aforefaid, do approve and conclude the faid treaty, and every article and claufe therein contained; referving the fame neverthelefs, for the final ratification of the prefident of the United States of America, by and with the advice

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Now be it known, that I, George Washington, prefident of the United States of America, having feen and confidered the faid treaty, do, by and with the advice and confent of the fenate, accept, ra tify, and confirm the fame, and every claufe and article thereof. And to the end that the faid treaty may be obferved and performed with good faith on the part of the United States, I have ordered the premifes to be made public; and I do hereby enjoin and require all perfons bearing office, civil or military, within the United States, and all other citizens or inhabitauts thereof, faithfully to observe and fulfil the faid treaty, and every claufe and article thereof.

In teftimony whereof, I have caufed the feal of the United States of America to be affixed to thefe prefents, and figned the fame with my hand.

Done at the city of Philadel
phia, the 7th day of March,
1796, and of the indepen-
dence of the United States
of America, the zoth.
By the prefident,


TIMOTHY PICKERING, Secretary of fiate.

Treaty between America and Spain.

Treaty concluded between the U

nited States of America and his Catholic majefty.

HIS catholic majefty and the United States of America, defirous to confolidate, on a permanent bafis, the friendship and good correfpondence which happily prevails between the two parties, have determined to establish by a convention, feveral points, the fettlement where of will be productive of general advantage and reciprocal utility to both nations.

With this intention his catholic majefty has appointed the most excellent lord Don Manuel de Goday, and Alvarez de Faria, prince de Paz, duke de la Alcudia, grandee of Spain, of the firft clafs, &c. And the prefident of the United States, with the advice and confent of their fenate, has appointed Thomas Pinckney, a citizen of the United States, and their envoy extraordinary to his catholic majefty. And the faid plenipotentiaries have agreed upon and concluded the following articles:

Art. 1. There shall be a firm and inviolable peace, and fincere friendfhip between his catholic majefty, his fucceffors and fubjects, and the United States, and their citizens, without exception of perfons or places.

2. To prevent all difpute on the fubject of the boundaries which feparate the territories of the two high contracting parties, it is hereby declared and agreed as follows, to wit: the fouthern boundary of the United States, which divides their territory from the Spanish colonies of Eaft and Weft Florida, fhall be defignated by a line, beginning on the river Miffiffippi, at the northernmost part of the thirty-fird


degree of latitude, north of the equator, which from thence shall be drawn due eaft, to the middle of the river Apalachicola or Carahfuche, thence along the middle thereof to its junction with the Flint; then ftraight to the head of St. Mary's river, and thence down the middle thereof to the Atlantic ocean. And it is agreed, that if there fhould be any troops, garrifons, or fettlements of either party on the territory of the other, according to the above-mentioned boundaries, they fhall be withdrawn from the faid territory within the term of fix months after the ratification of this treaty, or fooner, if it be poflible; and that they fhall be permitted to take with them all the goods and effects which they poffefs.

3. In order to carry the preceding article into effect, one commillioner and one furveyor fhall be appointed by each of the contracting parties, who fhall meet at Natches, on the left fide of the Miniflippi, before the expiration of fix months from the ratification of this convention, and they fhall proceed to run and make this boundary, according to the ftipulations of the faid article. They fhall make plans and keep journals of their proceedings, which fhall be confidered as part of this convention, and shall have the fame force as if this were inferted therein.

And, if on any account it fhould be found neceffary that the faid commiffioners and furyeyors thould be accompanied by guards, they fhall be furnished in equal proportion by the commanding officer of his majefty's troops in the two Floridas, and the commanding officer of the troops of the United


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