The History of England: From the Earliest Times to the Death of George II, Tập 1

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Trang 29 - The barbarians chase us into the sea ; the sea throws us back upon the barbarians ; and we have only the hard choice left us of perishing by the sword, or perishing by the waves.
Trang 63 - Alfred himself complains, that on his accession he knew not one person, south of the Thames, who could so much as interpret the Latin service; and very few in the northern parts, who had reached even that pitch of erudition.
Trang 250 - As I am a man, as I am a Christian, as I am a knight, as I am a king!
Trang 141 - Above a hundred and forty young noblemen of the principal families of England and Normandy were lost on this occasion. A butcher of Rouen was the only person on board who escaped ;' he clung to the mast, and was taken up next morning by fishermen.
Trang 141 - The king, on his return, set sail from Barfleur, and was soon carried by a fair wind out of sight of land. The prince was detained by some accident; and his sailors, as well as their captain, Thomas...
Trang 37 - Arthur, they had strength. enough to keep possession of the conquests they had already made. Cerdic, therefore, with his son Kenric- established the third Saxon kingdom in the island, namely, that of the West Saxons, including the counties of Hants, Dorset, Wilts, Berks, and the isle of Wight.
Trang 199 - It appeared, therefore, absolutely necessary to come to an accommodation with Saladin ; and a truce for three years was accordingly concluded ; in which it was agreed, that the sea-port towns of Palestine should remain in the hands of the Christians ; and that all of that religion should be permitted to make their pilgrimage to Jerusalem in perfect security.
Trang 142 - Henry entertained hopes for three days that his son had put into some distant port of England; but When certain intelligence of the calamity was brought him he fainted away; and it was remarked that he never after was seen to smile, nor ever recovered his wonted cheerfulness.
Trang 82 - Some of his flatterers breaking out one day in admiration of his grandeur, exclaimed that every thing was possible for him ; upon which the monarch, it is said, ordered his chair to be set on the sea-shore, while the tide was rising ; and as the waters approached, he commanded them to retire, and to obey the voice of him who was lord of the ocean.
Trang 222 - Europe now regarded the important preparations on both sides with impatience ; and the decisive blow was soon expected, in which the church was to triumph or to be overthrown. But neither Philip nor John had ability equal to the pontiff by whom they were actuated ; who appeared on this occasion too refined a politician for either. He only intended to make use of Philip's power to intimidate his refractory son, not to destroy him.

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