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At the Kirk of Fochabers, his grace -the duke of Gordon, to Mrs, Christie, a person about 40 years of age, and with whom the noble duke has been intimately acquainted for many years.

At Dublin, Robert Bourke, esq. of Hayes, county of Meath, only son of the lord bishop of Waterford, and nephew to the earl of Mayo, to Anne Charlotte, only daughter of the hon. J. Jocelyn, of Fainbill, county of Louth, and niece of the late earl of Roden.

Edward Shawe, esq. of Coolcor, county of Kildare, to Anne, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Ledwich, author of the Antiquities of Ireland.

At Corfu, major-general sir Frederick Adam, to the Signora Diamantina Palla


At Philadelphia, Frederic Campbell Stewart, esq. of Ascog, to Maria, second daughter of the late judge Smith, of the supreme court of Pennsylvania.


2. Wm. Kershaw, esq. of London, to Louisa, C. Duraud, youngest daughter of the very Rev. the Dean of Guernsey.

Win. Westall, esq. of the Royal Academy, to Ann, youngest daughter of the Rev. R. Sedgwick, of Dent.

4. At St. George's, Hanover-square, rear-admiral sir C. Ogle, of Worthy, Hants, bart. to Letitia, daughter of sir Wm. Burroughs, bart.

7. James Manning, esq. barrister at law, to Clarissa, daughter of W. Palmer,


9. At Great Malvern, E. Collingwood, esq. of Dessington-hall, Northumberland, to Miss Calcroft, only daughter and heiress of the late general Calcroft.

11. At Halstead, Essex, Wm. P. Honeywood, esq. M. P. of Mark's-hall, to Priscilla, eldest daughter of C. Hanbury, esq. of Sloe-farm, in that county.

12. The Rev. T. Arnold, M. A. of Laleham, Middlesex, to Mary, third daughter of the Rev. John Penrose, of Fledborough, Nottinghamshire.

13. George Pocock, esq. of the Middle Temple, to Frances, daughter of the late C. Ashwell, esq. of the island of


16. Lord Fred. Campbell, to lady Mary Lowther, second daughter of the earl of Lonsdale.

A. Vincent Corbet, esq. eldest son of sir A Corbet, of Acton Reynolds, to Miss Hill, daughter of the late colonel Hill, and VOL. LXII.

grand-daughter of sir J. Hill, of Hawk. stone, in the same county.

20. At Mitcham, the Rev. J. D. M. Mitchell, rector of Quinton, Northamptonshire, to Miss Mary Ann Sprigg, of Blandford.

At Bath, the Rev. Dr. Rooth, presi dent of Magdalen College, Oxford, to Eliza, third daughter of J. Blagrave, esq. of Calcot-park, Berks.

At Bangor, the Rev. Edward Williams, rector of Llangefin, Anglesea, to Miss Maria Dorothea Jones, eldest daughter of the late Herbert Jones, esq. of Llynon in the same county.

21. Wm. H. Magendie, esq. eldest son of the bishop of Bangor, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Alex. Marsden, of Clifford


28. At Dover, J. C. Dickens, esq. to Elizabeth Helen, second daughter of colonel West, lieutenant-governor of Languard Fort.

30. At St. George's Bloomsbury, Francisco Rebello, esq. provisional Portuguese consul-general, to Maria, eldest daughter of T. Gavaron, esq. of Woburn-place.

Lieut.-col. Elphinstone, third son of the hon. William Elphinstone, to Diana Maria, daughter of Charles Clavering, esq.

Lord F. Bentinck, to lady Mary Lowther, daughter of the earl of Lonsdale.

The earl of Huntingdon, to Elizabeth Mary, daughter of the late A. Thistleth

waite, esq.

At Westerball, in Annandale, major Weyland, of the 16th Light Dragoons, to lady Johnstone.

At Aberdeen, Alex. Dunlop, esq. advocate, Edinburgh, to Margaret Clementina, youngest daughter of the late J. Cordon, esq. Bamff.

At Edinburgh, J. Jeffery, esq. to Elizabeth Helen, eldest daughter of Dr. J. Hunter, Professor of Logic, in the University of St. Andrew.

At Daley-house, Edinburgh, J. Douglas, esq. of Cavers, to Emma, daughter of the late sir David Carnegie, of Southesk, bart.

At Paris, earl Poulelt, to Charlotte, daughter of the hon. W. Portinan.

At Bengal, Feb. 2, lieutenant-general Hogg, to Mary Ann, widow of major Burton, and eldest daughter of Dr. J. B.

Gilchrist, Professor of Oriental Languages at the College of Fort William.

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of Langley, Bucks, to Marianne, third daughter of Edward Hobran, esq.


2. Colonel Douglas Mercer, of the 3rd 7. Major-general James Dewar, to Mrs. guards, to the daughter of sir William

S. Curtis.

9. At the Cathedral-church of Canterbury, James Beckford Wildman, esq. M. P. of Chillham-castle, to Mary Ann, daughter of S. R. Lushington, esq. M. P. for that city, and grand-daughter of the right hon. lord Harris.

21. At St. George's, Hanover-square, James Browne, esq. M. P. for the county of Mayo, and eldest son of the right hon. Dennis Browne, M. P. for the city of Kilkenny, to Eleanor, third daughter of J. Wells, esq. of Bicheley-house, Kent, and M. P. for Maidstone.

24. At Godmersham, Kent, sir Edward Knatchbull, bart. M. P. of Mersham Hatch in the same county, to Fanny Catherine, eldest daughter of Edward Knight, esq. of Godmersham Park, and of Chawton-house, Hants.

At Llanbadorn Fawr, Roderick Eardley Richardes, esq. of Penglais, in the county of Cardigan, to Miss A. Powell, sister to W. E. Powell, esq. M. P. and lord-lieutenant for the same county.

At St. Fenck, major Carlyon, second son of Thomas Carlyon, esq. of Tregrehan, in Cornwall, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of admiral Spry of Killaganoon, in the same county.

26. At the New Church, Marylebone, Thomas Potter Macqueen, esq. M. P. eldest son of Dr. Macqueen, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late sir Jacob Henry Astley, bart. of Melton Constable, Norfolk, and Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.

27. At Newbury, lieutenant-colonel Keyt, C. B. 51st light infantry, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late John King,


At Edinburgh, William Cunningham Dalyell, R. N. son of the late sir Robert Dalyell bart. of Bins, to Maria, daughter of A. T. Sampayo, esq. of Peterboro'house, Middlesex.

At Paris, Joseph H. J. Carrard, esq. of the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, to Miss Louisa Dickson, youngest daughter of the lale lord Bishop of Down and Connor.

At Hamburgh, John Fred. Hagenau, esq. deputy commissary general of his Britannic Majesty's forces, to Miss Henrietta Heymann.

At Lyons, his excellency baron Rolick, to Mary Margaret, eldest daughter of lord Clancarty, aged 16.

Rowley, bart. M. P. for Suffolk.

The Rev. J. M. Brooke, M. A. son of the late colonel Brooke, governor of St. Helena, to Louisa, daughter of the Rev. Holt Waring, of Waringstown, Ireland.

4. Jasper Lutzow Hagermann, esq. aide-de-camp to the king of Denmark, to Harriet, second daughter of the late hon. George Vere Hobart.

7. George Barrett Lennard, esq. third son of sir Thomas Barrett Lennard of

Bell-house, in the county of Essex, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter and co-beiress of the late Edmund Prideaux, esq. of Hexworthy.

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Lately, at Alkborough, Lincolnshire, the Rev. Charles Sheffield, to Lucy, fourth daughter of colonel Smelt.

8. At Kensington, Francis Godfrey Ireland, to Charlotte Ann, eldest daughGeorge Martelli, esq. of Lismore House, tor of the late Horatio Martelli, esq. of Norfolk-street.

9. David James Ballingall, son of majorgeneral Ballingall, to Dorcas, daughter of the John Ward of Sandhurst, esq. Kent.

The Rev. C. F. Bampfylde, son of sir C. W. Bampfylde, bart. to Anne, eldest daughter of the late James Row, esq.

H. T. Liddell, bart. of Ravensworth H. T. Liddell, esq. eldest son of sir daughter of lord George Seymour. castle, Durham, to Isabella Horatio,

14. At Eton College, Jane, third daughter of the Rev. W. Roberts, vice pro vost to capt. George Wyndham, R. N.

At Clifton, Wm. Nepean, esq. of the 16th Lancers, son of the right hon. sir set, to Emilia, daughter of colonel Yorke, Edward Nepean, bart. of Londers, Dor.


At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rev. C. Williams, F. R. West, esq. to lady Georgiana Stanhope, sister to the earl of Chesterfield.

Eliza, second daughter of major-gen. 24. Major Terry, of the 25th regt. to Benjamin Gordon.

25. At Lambeth church, Leslie Finlayson, esq. of Newington, to Anne Maria, only daughter of the late Charles Penneck, esq. of Tregambó-hall, Cornwall.

27. At St. Marylebone church, Charles Grant, esq. of Hopewell, son of the late sir Ludovick Grant, of Dalvey, bart. lo Miss Kerridge, daughter of the late W. Kerridge, esq.

29. At Felbrigge, Norfolk, the Rev. Colin Campbell, to the bon. Beatrice Byng, daughter of the late viscount Torrington.

30. At Honiton, Devon, capt. Thornbrough, R. N, son of admiral sir Edward Thornbrough, K.C.B. to Emily, second daughter of Daniel Garrett, esq. of Collhouse, near Honiton.

Captain George Windham, R. N. to Jane, daughter of the Rev. W. Roberts.

At Paris, general Vatier, to Fanny, daughter of the late Walter Boyd, jun. esq.

At Naples, Frederick Dashwood Swann, esq. captain of the grenadier-guards, to Charlotte Catherine Brydges, third daughter of sir Egerton Brydges, bart.



1. Lieut. N. Schuldham, R. N. second Bon of Arthur L. Schuldham, esq. Deer-park, Devon, to Fanny, daughter of the Rev. N. Orgill Leman, of Branystonhall, Suffolk, and grand-daughter of the late sir Wm. Anderson, bart.

2. F. Acton, esq. nephew of the late sir J. Acton, bart. of Shropshire, prime minister at Naples, to Esther, relict of the late Wm. Baker, esq. jun.

4. At St. George's Hanover-square, the earl of Errol, to Miss Eliza Fitzelarence, third daughter of his royal highness the duke of Clarence.

7. At Weymouth, the Rev. Thomas Carew, B. D. younger son of the late sir Thomas Carew, bart. of the Castle Tiverton, to the only daughter of the late Thomas Baker, esq. of Cullompton, in the same county.

9. The hon. capt. Joceline Percy, R. N. son of the earl of Beverley, to Sophia, daughter of Moreton Walhouse, esq. of Hatherton, Staffordshire.

The Rev. A. Edge, to Miss Fairlie, sister of sir Wm. Cunningham Fairlie, bart. M. P. for Leominster.

16. At Bowdon church, Cheshire, the Rev. J. T. Law, eldest son of the lord bishop of Chester, to lady Charlotte Grey, eldest daughter of the earl of Stamford and Warrington.

At Bonington, Lanarkshire, sir Guy Campbell, bart. son of the late general Campbell, to Pamela, eldest daughter of the late lord Edward Fitzgerald,

The Rev. Arthur Knox, to Mary, daughter of the late right hon. Denis Daly, of Dunsandle, Ireland.

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1. Major-general L. Grant, to be governor of the Bahama Islands.

D. R. Graham, Regius Professor of Botany, in the University of Edinburgh.

jesty's Commissioner for carrying into 11. A. Barclay, esq. to be his Ma

effect the 6th and 7th Articles of the

Treaty of Ghent, in the room of John Ogilvy, esq. deceased.

18. Right Hon. George, earl of Glasgow, to be lieutenant and sheriff priucipal of the shire of Ayr.

22. Sir G. Clark, one of the Lords of the Admiralty.

K.C.B. to be governor of the island of Major-general Sir Benjamin D'Urban, Antigua, vice Ramsay, deceased.

30. Right Hon. John Lord Eldon, Lord High Chancellor, having delivered up to his Majesty the Great Seal of Great Britain, his Majesty was pleased to redeliver the same to his lordship, a similar ceremony was observed in the re-appointment of the other cabinet ministers.


Jan. 15. Clifton Darton HardnessC. M. Ricketts, esq. vice A. H. Holdsworth, esq. who has accepted the Chitern Hundreds.

Rev. J. Ball, to be head master of the free grammar school, Clipston, Nolls.

Rev. T. B. Cole, rector of Warburton, Sussex, to be master of the grammar school, Maidstone.

Rev. R. Wood, D.D. to be head master of the grammar school at Nottingham.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. Henry Morgan, of Miskin, Glamorganshire, Brinsop Wear V. Here


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Rev. C. Alfree, a minor canon of Rochester cathedral,

Rev. T. G. Tyndale, M. A. Holton R. Oxfordshire.

Rev. J. Thompson, M. A. Lullingston R. Kent.

Rev. W. F. Mansell, B. A. Ashelworth V. adjoining.


26. The earl of Chatham, governor of Gibraltar, v. duke of Kent, dec.; lord Beresford, governor of Jersey, v. earl of Chatham; Sir B. Spencer, governor of Cork, v. lord Beresford; lieut.-gen. Hart, governor of Londonderry and Culmore, v. the earl of Suffolk, dec.; and the duke of Richmond, high steward of Chi


10th Light Dragoons-Lieut.-general lord Stewart, colonel.

1st Foot-Gen. the marquis of Huntly, colonel, v. duke of Kent, dec.

42-Gen. the earl of Hopetoun, colonel, v. marquis of Huntly.

44th-Lieut.-gen. Browne, colonel, v. earl of Suffolk, dec.

92nd-Lieut.-gen. Hope, colonel, v. Jord Hopetoun.

Wm. Hooker, esq. of Halesworth, Suffolk, regins professor of Botany in Glasgow University.

Rev. Wm. Clayton, B. A. Ryburgh Magna and Parva R. Norfolk.

Rev. Rd. Eaton, B. A. Elsing R. Nor. folk.

Rev. John Dolphin, Wake Colne R. York.

Rev. Heury Baker, Tristram, B. A. Bramhani V. York.

Rev. T. F. F. Bowes, M. A. Barton in the Clay R. Bedfordshire.

Rev. John Keate, D. D. to a prebend in St. George's chapel, Windsor.

Rev. G. Mellam, Arnesby V. Lincolnshire.

Rev. Dr. Sandiford, to the sinecure rectory of Ashbury, Berks, vice Mordaunt.

Rev. T. H. Ashhurst, LL. D. YaverJand R. in the Isle of Wight.


4. Sir U. B. Burgh, surveyor-general of the Ordnance.

Rifle Brigade-The duke of Wellington, colonel in chief.

1st Drag. Guards-Gen. Gwyn, colonel. 49th Foot.-Lieut. gen. sir M. Nightingall, colonel.

Gen. sir S. Hulse, governor of Chelsea Hospital, v. Dundas, dec.; and sir H. Calvert, bart. lieut. governor, v. Hulse.

21. Lord Howard of Effingham to be a knight grand cross of the military order of the bath, v. sir D. Dundas, dec.; and lieut.-gen. sir H. T. Montresor to be a knight commander of the same order, s. lord Howard of Effingham.

25. J. Bomcester, esq. appointed British consul in Sardinia.

Second Ceylon Regiment, lieut.-col. Smett, lieut.-colonel.

Sir F. Armstrong, permitted to wear the insignia of the Portuguese order of the Tower and Sword; and capt. Strachey, R. N. the insignia of a knight of the imperial Russian order of St. Wlademir.

Major-general sir H. Taylor appointed military secretary to the commander-in


STAFF.-Major-gen. sir H. Torrens, to be adjutant-gen, to the forces.

Rev. Henry Baker Tristram, to the vicarage of Bramham, York.-Rev. John Keate, D.D. to the prebendary of St. George's chapel, Windsor.-Rev. Philip Ward, the rectory of Luke. Rev. Charles David Brereton, M.A. to the rectory of Little Massingham, Norfolk,-Rev. Rickard B. Beague, M.A. to the vicarage of King's Brompton, Somerset.Rev. John Harwood, to the vicarage of Sherborn, St. John. Rev. G. Mettam, to the vicarage of Arnesby-Rev. Richard Eaton, B. A. to the rectory of Elsing, Norfolk,


1. The dignity of baronet, granted to Walter Scott, of Abbotsford, esq. [the celebrated Poet] and his heirs male.

8. Lieut.-col. Miles, of the 89th foot, permitted to wear the insignia of the Portuguese order of the tower and sword.

11. Right Hon. D. Boyle, lord justice Clerk of Scotland, sworn a member of the privy council.

Major-gen. sir B. D'Urban, appointed Antigua and Montserrat. capt.-gen. and commander-in-chief of

15. Lord F. Conyngham, appointed first groom of his majesty's bed-chamber, and master of the robes; hon. F. Lamb, envoy to the Germanic diet; Brook Taylor, esq. envoy to the king of Bavaria; Alex. Cockburn, esq. envoy to the king of Wurtemberg; C. R. Vaughan, esq. secretary to the British embassy in France; and L. Harvey, esq. secretary to the British embassy in Spain,

Royal Artillery-Brevet-colonel and lieut. colonel Maclean to be colonel.

The earl of Morton, commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

J. Connel, esq. procurator of the Church of Scotland knighted.

Don Juan Gonzales de Rivas, to be consul at Gibraltar for his Catholic Majesty; Mr. C. F. Inmer, consul at Liverpool for the Swiss Confederation; and Mr. J. Wall, consul at Drogheda for his Danish Majesty.

The Rev. H. Browne, M. A. to the rectory of Allstone, Leicestershire. Rev. D. Williams, M.A. to the rectory of Bleadin, Bath.-Rev. Johu Hodgkin, to the vicarage of Northmolton, Devon.— Rev. W. Forge, M. A. to the rectory of King's Stanley.-Very Rev. Robert Hodgson, D.D. dean of Chester, to the deanery of Carlisle.-Rev. W. Vernon, B.A. to the rectory of Hanbury, Worcestershire. -Rev. F. Wrangham, M.A. F.R.S. to the rectory of Thorpbasset.-Rev. W. Colby, to the rectory of Clippesby, Norfolk.-Hon. and Rev. W. Eden, to the vicarage of Beakesbowen, and rectory of Harbledown, Kent.-Rev. S. D'Oyley Peshall, to the living of Morton Bagot,Rev. W. Munsey, B. A. and the Rev. E. Bulmer, of St. John's College, Cambridge, vicars choral of Hereford Cathedral. Rev. H. Berry, to the rectory of Acton Beauchamp, Worcestershire. Rev. Kenrick Peck, to the rectory of Ightfield, Salop. Rev. Peter Vaughan, D.D. warden of Merton college, to the deanery of Chester.


pointed one of the gentlemen in ordinary of his majesty's most hon. privy council; admiral sir W. Domnett, and viceadmiral sir T. Foley have been created knights grand crosses of the order of the Bath; and the honour of knighthood has been conferred on F. S. Darwin, M.D. senior bailiff of the city of Litchfield.

84th Foot.-Major-general sir G. T. Walker, from the Rifle Brigade, to be colonel.

Rifle Brigade-Major-general Sir E. Barnes, to be colonel commandant of a battalion.

20. F. M. Ommanney, esq. and C. Grey, esq. one of the judges of the supreme court of judicatore at Madras, knighted; and Rev. R. Synge to be chap lain to the British merchants at Bahia.

23. Sir George Nayler, York herald, and blano cousier, to be clarenceux king of arms and principal herald of the south, east, and west parts of England; also C. G. Young, esq. rouge dragon pursuivant of arms, to be York herald.

Lord J. G. Beresford, archbishop of Dublin, is appointed a privy counsellor in Ireland.

27. Mr. Frederick Cathcart has been appointed secretary to the Russian embassy; Mr. E. C. Desbrowe, secretary to the legation to Switzerland; Dr. J. Gre gory, first physician to his Majesty in Scotland.

Royal regiment of Artillery-Brevet colonel and lieut.-col. sir G. A. Wood to be colonel.

Robert Woodhouse, esq. M.A. F.R.S. fellow of Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge, to be Lucasian professor of

6. Artillery-Brevet colonel Harris, mathematics. to be colonel.

Gen. Sir H. T. Montresor has been invested with the ensigns of a knight commander of the most hon. military order of the bath; and lord Howard of Effingham with the ensigns of a knight grand cross of the same order :-also major-gen. W. Hutchinson, late lieut.-governor of Malta, has received the honour of knighthood.

13. His Majesty conferred the honour of knighthood on W. D. Evans, esq. Recorder of Bombay; R. Baker, esq. chief magistrate at the public office, Bow-street; J. Tobin, esq. mayor of Liverpool; T. Mantell, esq. mayor of Dover; and G. S. Gibbes, of the city of Bath, M. D. F.R.S. physician to her late Majesty.

16. Sir J. M. Stronge has been ap

Rev. Frederick Charles Spencer, M.A. Wheatfield R. Oxon.

Rev. F. Wm. Bayley, to be chaplain of the House of Commons.

Rev. Hugh Williams, M.A. Rhosilly R. Glamorganshire.

Rev. Francis Bickley Astley, M.A. Bishopstrow R. Wilts.

Rev. H. Pottinger, Compten V. Berks. Rev. E. Law, to be chaplain to the British factory at St. Petersburg.

Rev. C. J. Bloomfield, St. Botolph R. Bishopsgate.

Rev. Edward Northey, Great Ilsley, in Berkshire.

Rev. Thomas Gardner, A.M. Willen V. Berks.

Rev. Wm. Verelst, Grayingham V. in Lincolnshire.

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