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The light brigade, under the or. ship. His troops, notwithstandders of the gallant general Rafter, ing the desertion of their leader, overcame obstacles and difficul- made a gallant resistance and ties which only men animated obtained honourable terms of with your enthusiasm could have capitulation; but the place was attempted. The advance, led by recovered by the Spaniards and the brave captain Ross, attacked was a salutary check given to the the enemy with such intrepidity, audacity of these lawless adventhat they fled with fear and asto- turers. Macgregor, with the nishment to their walls.

wreck of his troops, repaired to “ The navy, under commodore Aux Cayes, where he remained Hudson, in covering the landing, for some months inactive, awaitand in the diversion he made in ing the arrival of British sucattacking the Spanish forts in the cours. Being at length in cirharbour, did everything that cumstances for a new attempt, he their intrepidity gave me a right sailed from Aux Cayes with about to expect from them. The cap- 200 men, said to be the remnant tains and seamen of the transports of more than 1,200 British solare deserving of every praise for diers, who had perished through the exertions they made in land- hunger and disease, and bent his ing the troops.

course towards Rio de la Hache, “ Soldiers ! -Our first conquest a town of new Grenada to the has been glorious ; it has opened west of the gulph of Maracaibo. the road to fortune and additional This place was carried by assault, fame. Panama invites our ap- with the loss however of one third proach, and the South Sea shall of the English troops; it was resoon behold upon her shore the captured after a few days with conquerors of the isthmus.

the slaughter of nearly the whole “ Gregor M Gregor. of the survivors. Macgregor him. Head-quarters, Porto Bello, self is stated to have remained April 10."

safely on board his ship till the

first action was over, and to have In the midst of these anticipa- returned to it before the comtions of glory and plunder, and mencement of the second. He on the eve of his departure for was afterwards deserted by his Panama, M'Gregor was surprised surviving officers, and his disgraceby general Hone, the Spanish ful career is probably terminated commander at Panama, who ad- for ever. vanced unperceived by a circui- The Independents have for tous route through the thick some time past possessed so dewoods which flank the town. The cided a preponderance of marihouse in which Macgregor had time force on both shores of the taken up his quarters was entered Isthmus of Darien, that the before he had received the slightest Spaniards in these parts are comintimation of the approach of the pelled to endure without redress enemy, and he saved his life by the outrages of the swarm of leaping out of a window and after- pi tes who now infest the seas. wards swimming on board his Commodore Aury, one of the most formidable of the class, ob- man, 1,500 serons of indigo, and tained, early in the summer, the 300,000 dollars in specie. The complete command of the Gulf exploits of an Aury or a Macof Dulse, where he carried on a gregor, though utterly insignifishocking system of pillag cant to the final decision of the Amongst other places, he made great question of South Ame. himself master of the forts of St. rican independence, may yet be Philip and Isabel which he quitted permitted to claim a place in at the end of two days, having in contemporary history as concothat short space of time collect- mitants of a state of turbulence, ed, and without the loss of a revolution, and civil war.







in Greek-street; and a diamond,

pledged at a pawnbroker's in Marlborough-street. the Strand. His servant also

found the key of the till conM GLASHAN, a danc- cealed under the carpet.

ing-master, in Riding- 14. Guildhall.A lamentable house-lane, was charged by Mr. instance of the effects of infaDavies, a corn-chandler, near tuation and religious enthusiasm Fitzroy-square, with robbing him was exhibited at this office yesunder the following circum- terday. Samuel Sibley and Mastances : The prisoner had been ria Catherine Sibley his wife, engaged to attend in his pro- Samuel Jones and his son, a boy fessional capacity. It happened of ten years old, Thomas Jones, that Mr. Davies was frequently John Angel, Thomas Smith, from home; and the prisoner, James Dodd, and Edward Slater, availing himself of the oppor- a boy of 12 years of age, were tunity, took the children into the brought up from the Compter, by counting-house, and, under pre- Beaton and Gibbon, officers of tence of showing them slight of Cordwainers' Ward, who had hand tricks, contrived to send with great difficulty, and at the them into different parts of the hazard of their own lives, rescued house. In their absence, he the prisoners from the fury of an opened the till and desk, and immense mob, in Budge-row, helped himself to its contents. Cannon-street, about ten o'clock Mr. Davies said, he had missed yesterday morning. money to a considerable amount, These deluded people were, it and was at a loss to account for appeared, disciples of the lately the theft: at length, suspicion famous Joanna Southcott, of whom attached to the prisoner ; and, on

our readers heard so much two obtaining a search-warrant and or three years ago, and conceived proceeding to his lodgings, he themselves directed by God to found a bunch of keys, on which proclaim the coming of the was a key particularly marked, Shiloh on earth: for this purpose which Mr. Davies identified as they assembled at the west end belonging to the desk in his count- of the town, in order to enter the ing-house. Upon the prisoner only gate of the great city (Temwere found duplicates of a time- ple-bar), through which they piece, pledged at Mr. Grover's, marched in procession about nine






He was

o'clock in the morning; they Their appearance, when put to were each decorated with a white the bar, bespoke the dangers they cockade, and wore a small star of had gone through; the men had yellow riband on their left breasts; all been rolled in the mud, and Sibley led the procession, bear. Sibley bore evident marks of vioing a brazen trumpet adorned lence in his face. with light blue ribands, and the On being called upon by the boys carried each a small flag of magistrate, Mr. Alderman Bridgblue silk. In this manner they es, to give an account of their proceeded through Fleet-street, conduct, in thus disturbing the up Ludgate-hill, and along St. public peace, Sibley, with an air Paul's Church-yard, to Budge- of authority, directed the others row, a great crowd following to be silent, and, addressing the them, increasing continually as Alderman, said, he regretted they proceeded. Having arrived, there was not time for him to as they supposed, in the middle enter into the particulars of the of the great city, they halted, mission of God to him. He had and began to perform their cere- been commanded by a voice, monies. Sibley sounded the through the boy Slater, to antrumpet, and proclaimed the nounce that the Prince of Peace second coming of the Shiloh, the was come upon earth. Prince of Peace, on earth; and commanded to proclaim the sehis wife cried out aloud, “Wo! cond coming of Shiloh, in the wo! to the inhabitants of the

same manner, and with the same earth, because of the coming of authority, as John the Baptist had the Shiloh.” This cry was re- proclaimed his first coming. This peated several times, and joined proclamation he was to make in with a loud voice by the others three times in the midst of the in company. The crowd was by great city, by the sound of the this time immense, every avenue trumpet." He and his companwas stopped up, and the passage ions were obeying the commands of carts and carriages rendered of God, and in so doing had conimpossible. The mob began with ducted themselves peaceably, and laughing and shouting at these interfered with no one, when they miserably deluded people, and at were attacked by the mob. length proceeded to pelting them He was proceeding to explain with mud and every sort of mis- the nature of the visions with sile they could procure ; they, on which the boy bad been favoured, their part, being most of them and his wife was raising her voice stout young men, resisted; the to bear testimony to the fact of fight became general and tre- the Shiloh being on earth, whom mendous, the flags were torn she said she had had in her arms down, and Sibley and his asso- four times, when the magistrate ciates with great difficulty pre- interrupted them, and observed served, by the exertions of the that it was evident, if they were officers, from falling victims to not insane, that they were acting the infuriated rage of the mob, under a strong delusion, and and conveyed to the Compter, pointed out to them how much



better they would have been em- respectable farmer in that parish), ployed in pursuing their regular reprimanded her slightly for some avocations, than in being the tribing misconduct : in about half cause of public riot, and endan- an hour afterwards she was found gering their own persons, recom- hanging by a cotton handkerchief mending them to desist from any to the curtain-rod of her mistress's repetitions of their gross absur- bed, quite lifeless. The jury, dities and delusions.

after an investigation of the cirThe men in reply said, it was cumstances for four hours, felt right they should obey God; but themselves under the painful nethey would do whatever the ma- cessity of returning a verdict of gistrate directed, and desist from Felo de se; in consequence of any fulher proclamation, assur- which the body was, about seven ing him at the same time that o'clock the same evening, comnevertheless the Shiloh was come. mitted to the earth of a cross

The Alderman said he would way in the parish, in the prenot rely on their promise, and sence of numerous spectators, should detain them all in custody who behaved with great decorum till they could procure him some during the awful ceremony. better assurance than their own 15. Extract of a Letter from words for their peaceable de St. Ann's, Jamaica, Nov. 14, meanour in future. They were 1818.-“ We have had terrible accordingly conveyed back to the weather; last night we had the Compter in two coaches to pro- severest hurricane I ever expetect them from the mob; one of rienced : it must have done imthe men on stepping into the mense damage. Several buildcoach unbuttoned his coat, dis- ings are blown down, amongst played his yellow star ; and plac- the rest my kitchen ; this is the ing his hand on it, proclaimed first time I have known a building aloud that it was God's colour. blown down here. Several cocoa

The male prisoners are jour. nut trees, the toughest wood neymen mechanics, and appeared known, being composed entirely to be simple, deluded, but peace. of elastic fibres, are snapped in able men. Sibley, the leader, is two. Sleep during the violence - a watchman in Coleman-street of the tempest was out of the ward.

question. I was in a low house, On Monday last an inquisition well sheltered, notwithstanding was held at Snape, Suffolk, before which it tottered at intervals, as John Wood, jun. gent., Coroner if occasioned by an earthquake. for the Liberty of St. Etheldred, Many left their houses for secuon view of the body of Elizabeth rity; others, frightened from their Emerson, aged about 18. It ap- beds, just sheltered within their peared in evidence, that she had doors, starting out when the treenjoyed a sound mind ard per. mendous gusts threatened their fect understanding up to seven destruction. We had heavy gales o'clock on Sunday morning, from the N.E. and E. for three about which time her mistress, days before, which had raised a Mrs. Groom (wife of a large and tremendous sea, which came



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