Memoirs of the Life and Ministerial Conduct, with Some Free Remarks on the Political Writings, of the Late Lord Visc. Bolingbroke..

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R. Baldwin, at the Rose, in Pater-Noster-Row., 1752 - 352 trang

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Trang 298 - Con" fequences of it ; that they who advifed, " and made fuch a Peace, deferved indeed " to be cenfured, but that the Words in " the Addrefs being general, no private " Perfon was affected by them ; and that " the Alteration of the Word Recover into " that of Maintain, would fignify no " more towards the Juftification of the " Guilty, than the Word Recover towards " the Condemnation of the Innocent.
Trang 340 - Those who live to see such happy days, and to act in so glorious a scene, will perhaps call to mind, with some tenderness of sentiment, when he is no more, a man who contributed his mite to carry on so good a work, and who desired life for nothing so much, as to see a king of Great Britain the most popular man in his country, and a Patriot King at the head of a united people.
Trang 308 - and that the fame was wholly tranfacted " by that unfortunate Nobleman, who ^ thought fit to ftep afide : But I dare fay " in his Behalf, that if this Charge could be " proved, it would not amount to Treafon, " For my own Part, as I always acted by " the immediate Directions and Commands " of the late Queen, and never offended " againft any known Law, I am juftified «? in my own Confcience, and unconcerned <{ for the Life of an insignificant old Man. " But " But I cannot, without the higheft Ingra...
Trang 310 - I am now to take my leave of your lordships, and of this honourable House, perhaps for ever; I shall lay down my life with pleasure in a cause favoured by my late dear royal mistress.
Trang 309 - My lords, if ministers of state, acting by the immediate commands of their sovereign, are afterwards to be made accountable for their proceedings, it may one day or other be the case of all the members of this august assembly.
Trang 37 - Winchecomb of Bucklebury, in the county of Berks, bart.; and upon this marriage a large settlement was made, which proved very serviceable to him in his old age, though a great part of what his lady brought was taken from him, in consequence of his attainder. The union in other respects was not much to his liking. . The same year he was elected for the borough of Wotton-Basset, and sat in the fifth parliament of king William, which met Feb. 10, 1700; and in which Robert Harley, esq, afterwards earl...
Trang 295 - The lords, in their address of thanks, professed their hope that his majesty, assisted by the parliament, would be able to recover the reputation of the kingdom in foreign parts, the loss of which they hoped to convince the world by their actions was by no means to be imputed to the nation in general.
Trang 26 - retained whatever he read in so singular a manner as to make it entirely his own," so that "in the earlier part of his life he did not read much, or at least many books, for which he used to give the same reason that Menage gave for not reading Moreri's Dictionary, namely, that ' he was unwilling to fill his head with what did not belong there, since, when it was once in, he knew not how to get it out again.
Trang 323 - Part of what he had already laid before the Houfe by the King's Command in the Petitioner's Behalf, added, he was fully fatisfied, that he had fufficiently atoned for his paft Offences, and therefore deferved the Favour of that Houfe, fo far as to enable him to enjoy Y 3 the the Family Inheritance that was fettled upon him, which according to the Opinion of the befr.
Trang 128 - These examinations lasted for some weeks: when they were ended, a full report was made of them to the house of lords; and they 1708. ordered the whole report, with all the examinations, to be laid before the queen...

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