H́nh ảnh trang

charge of having accepted of a
prefent of 120,000l. Sterling
from a fingle donor.

MrEdward John Hollond has
has given in his bail for 400,000!.

ped forward on this occafion
are Mr Francis Fowke, of Wim-
pole street, and Mr William
Holland, late of Bengal.

On the 15th of June, an action was tried before Lord Kenyon in the Court of King's Bench, at the inftance of Mr Morefom, merchant in Whitby, aThe gentlemen who have ftep-gainft Mr Clarke, a gentleman of property in the same town, for feducing and carrying off the wife of the former, when the jury gave a verdict, 3500l. damages. The defendant is 50 years of age, and has a wife and family.

Accounts are received by Government, that Tippoo Saib has made proposals to Earl Cornwallis for a pacification. • The terms are understood to be moft eminently advantageous to the welfare of this country.

The mother, brother, and fifter of the Duke of Orleans arrived at London the 17th ult.

The falary, including per-
quifites, &c. of Principal Se-
cretary of State, is computed
at 8000l. a-year. Befides this,
he has apartments in all the
Royal Houfes, as well for his
own accommodation, as for that
of those who attend upon him;
he has likewife the appointment
of two Under-Secretaries and
Clerks, whose places are of
confiderable profit. Before the
reign of Queen Elizabeth, the
Secretary of State (there being
but one at that time) did not
fit in the Privy Council; he
only prepared bufinefs for the
Board in an adjoining room,
and then produced his papers

The employment of a King's
meffenger was once very mode-
rate in eftimation, and profit.
Since we are become the weigh-ric
mafters of the balance of Eu-
rope, it has increafed very con-
fiderably in both refpects, and
is now little less valuable than
that of a Colonel in the army.

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Not long fince, Lady Auckland was delivered of a fon at the Hague; and, what is not a little fingular, her ladyship can now produce fix children born in as many different king


A new coinage of guineas and half-guineas, from dies of the prefent year, is now going on at the tower to a very large amount, by an order from the treasury; but no orders have been given, nor are there any preparations for a filver or copper coinage.

The celebrated republican hiftorian, Mrs Catharine Macaulay Graham, died on the 22d of June, at her house in Windfor Foreft.

A plan has been fubmitted to the confideration of Government, for raifing a permanent fund for the fupport of the widows and children of clergymen in Ireland. One of the principal parts of the plan is, the appropriation of one year's revenue of every bifhop

that may become vacant by deceafe or tranflation, to this very ufeful purpose, until the fund arifing from thefe accumulated fums amount to 100,000l. and the interest to be disposed

of in annuities to the widows quence is, that many thousand
of clergymen not having been acres of march land are render-
poffeffed before their death of ed ufelefs; and the poor far-
livings or cures to the amount mers obliged to fell their stock
of rool. per annum; the quan- at any price, their cattle not
tum of this penfion to be pro- being able to exift, on account
portioned to the number of of the ditches being filled with
children. A plan fomewhat fi-falt water. Since the blowing
milar to this was propofed fome of a north-eaft wind, the breach.
time ago by the Rev. Sir H.es are growing deeper and wid-
Moncrieffe, for increafing the er every day.
ftipends of the Scots clergy.

An Efquire, as alfo his eldeft for, and all who rank above Efquires, are qualified by law to kill game. In the court of King's Bench, therefore, it was last week decided, that the eldeft fon of a Doctor is qualified; because Doctors, whether of law, phyfic, or divinity, rank above Efquires.

The following is a very remarkable inftance of quick failing: The Bridget, Capt. Platt, failed from the coaft of Africa to Dominica in twenty-one days. In the laft fix days of the paffage the failed, as appears by her log.book, one thousand three hundred and twenty-two miles, which, on an average, is more than 220 miles a day.

On the 28th ult. at Newcaftle, a match for 500 guineas each, one four-mile heat, was run for by the Earl of Lauderdale's bay horse Oftrich, and

In confequence of the late regulations refpecting the vending of fpiritous liquors in IreJand, no less than 2000 whisky houses have been shut up, fince the 25th of March laft.


Lord Uxbridge's celebrated Sir Hedworth Williamfon's failing yacht, Mona, is prepar-bay horfe Whitelegs, which ing in the river for an expected was won by the former. vifit from their Majefties: She has a fuperb fuite of ftaterooms, decorated with two changes of elegant linen furniture, and is in all otherre fpects the most perfect veffel that ever fwam; her prime coft, out of the builder's hands, was 14,000 guineas.

On Sunday the 22d May a charity fermon was preached in St Mary's Church, Dublin, for the fupport of the poor children of the parish of St. Nicholas Without, by the Rev. Walter Blake Kirwan, at which was collected the fum of four hundred and ten pounds!

The Sub-Treaturer and Steward of the Society of Lincoln's Inn, has lately abfconded to America, with no lefs a fum than 14,000l. belonging to the Society, and a few individuals who had entrusted him with fums of money. He had re

There has been another aJarming breach of the fea, near Winterton, in Suffolk. The former breach, made in February laft, when a large dwellinghoufe was carried away, was only 30 yards wide, but is now increased to 120. The confe

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ceived the rents of the Society | the others with difficulty efcapto the latest date, and had bor-ed the fame fate.

rowed money wherever he On the 16th ult. the paffencould raise it. He had previ-gers in the mail coach from oully deftroyed the books of Glasgow to Carlifte had a very the Society, and fold every ar- narrow and moft wonderful ticle of his own furniture. He efcape from deftruction, at had been abfent fome time be- Kirtlebridge, near Ecclefechan. fore his elopement was dif- By the negligence of the driver covered, under pretence of go- converfing with the guard, who ing to Margate for his health. had imprudently shifted from Mr Whitbread, who for his feat to the coach-roof, the many years has offered a pre-reins flackened, the fore horses fent of ten thousand pounds flew over the bridge, and the to any perfon purchafing his coach falling at least ten feet brewery at a fair eftimation, upfide down, was dashed to has at length found cuftomers pieces! Of three paffengers, for it. A company of perfons only one, a gentleman from have bought it, at the price of Glasgow, received any perfonal

four hundred and fifty thou-injury. One of the fore horfes fand pounds. was killed on the fpot, and the pole of the carriage fhivered to atoms!

The following fingular circumftance lately happened at Everdon, in Northamptonshire: On the 20th of June, came The house of Mr Warr, a far-on before the Court of Jufticimer of that place, has been ary at Edinburgh, the trial of greatly infefted with rats; Mrs John Paul, James Stewart, and Warr, in clearing away the Alexander Ballantine, for robbearth they had fcratched from ing a gentleman in Nicolfon's the foundation of a pantry un- Street, on the night of the 3d der a ftair cafe, difcovered fe- of May laft, of his watch, hat, veral guineas; and upon fur-and twelve shillings in money, ther fearch, found a large tea- when they were all found guilty, pot with upwards of 250 gui- and fentenced to be executed at Edinburgh on the 27th July. On the 27th of June, Tho

neas more in it.

On the 16th ult. a veffel on her way to Scotland from Lon-mas Wilfon was brought bedon, being wind-bound in Yar-fore the fame Court, for stealmouth Roads, fome of the paf-ing from a haberdasher in Edinfengers, amongst whom was a burgh, muflins to the value of lady, finding themselves fea fick, 2001. He pled guilty, and was requested to be fet on thore, fentenced to transportation for which being complied with, the life, to suffer death if he return. boat had just got within a few yards of the fhore, when a breaker, dashing against the boat, overfet it, and the lady was unfortunately drowned;

On the 21ft ult. an extract of the will of Baron Vryhouven was received by the Society for Propagating Chriftian Knowledge in the Highlands and

Iflands of Scotland, by which it appears that he has left 20,000l. in the 3 per cent. confols, for the purposes of the Society. The above donation is diftinct from the 10,000l. lately given to the Society by a perfon who wishes to remain unknown.

fhe called her difciples together, and exhorted them to continue ftedfaft and unanimous in their adherence to the doctrine which they had received from her. She told them fhe had ftill one fecret to communicate to them, which was, that he was the Virgin Mary, the real mother of our Lord; that she was the fame woman mentioned in the Revelation as being cloathed with the fun, &c. who was O-driven into the wilderness; that fhe had been wandering in the world ever fince our Saviour's days, and for fome

Eftates in Scotland ftill continue to fell at very high prices -One eftate, let indeed upon an old rental, was lately fold at eighty years purchafe! ther eftates have lately fold at from thirty to forty years purchafe.

At the fale of the late Gene-time ral Watfon's stock, a few days ago, at Aberdour, who kept a moft excellent breed of cattle, one cow was fold at 481. another above 351. and a calf, not many months old, at 13l. 138. Such prices are feldom obtain ed in this country.

On the 24th of June the Magiftrates of Edinburgh lowered the price of bread a full affize, or zd. in the peck loaf.

On the 24th of June, the Univerfity of Edinburgh conferred the degree of Doctor of Medicine on 14 gentlemen, after the ufual trials.

Mrs Buchan, the leader of a few deluded people, and who for a time refided in the neighbourhood of Thornhill, near Dumfries, died about the beginning of May laft. Her followers were greatly reduced in number; but Mr White, once a relief minfter, continued till her laft. Finding the was going the way of all the earth,

paft fhe had fojournin Scotland; that though the here appeared to die, they needed not to be discouraged, for fhe would only fleep a little, and in a fhort time would again vifit them, and conduct them to the New Jerufalem. After fhe died, it was a long time before her enthufiaftic votaries would ftraight or drefs the corpfe; nor did they coffin her untill they were obliged thereto by the fmell; and after that, they would not bury. her, but built up the coffin in a corner of the barn, always expecting that the would rife again from the dead, according to her promife, to conduct them to Jerufalem. At laft the people in the country around, fhocked with thefe proceedings, interfered, went to a juftice of peace, and got an order that the fhould be buried. So that the famous Mrs Buchan of the weft, is now lodged in the house appointed for all living.

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