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of roots and feeds of the moft curious plants, &c. to be found at the Cape.

On the 31ft ult. a fermo was preached in the Tron Church, Edinburgh, by the On the 18th of May, there Rev. Dr Hardy, before the Sowas held a general court of pro-ciety lately inftituted for the prietors of the Bank of Eng- benefit of the Sons of the Clergy land, called for the purpose of of the Church of Scotland, hearing the final adjustment re- from these words: "It is lative to the unclaimed divi- more bleffed to give than to dends upon the public ftock. receive." The fermon was fo The Governor informed the highly approved, that the Doc. meeting, that the bufinefs was tor has been requested by the now wholly fettled with the Society and the congegation to Minifter, who had agreed to publish it. The church was withdraw the bill for appro- much crowded, and the collecpriating 500,000l. of unclaimed tion at the church-door was dividends to the ufe of Go- 651. 1s. and a considerable fum vernment, on condition that was afterwards fent by thofe the Bank gave a loan of an who could not attend, amountequal fum without intereft, ing nearly to 100l.-The mufic never to be repaid until thofe was well conducted, and gave unclaimed dividends (which great fatisfaction to every perare at prefent nearly 700,000l.) fon prefent. This is the first fhould be reduced under the fociety inftituted in Scotland fum lent; and then the repay- for this laudable and beneficent ment not to be the whole fum, purpose. but only in proportion to the reduction. There is also a ftipulation, that if the unclaimed dividends fhall at any time amount to more than 700,000l. the Minifter fhall be at liberty to take the overplus for the ufe of Government. As it was understood that the lift of unclaimed dividends, up to the lateft period, would be published as foon as convenience would permit, no motion was enforced on that fubject.

On the 2d inft. twenty-two convicts from different parts of Scotland, were shipped on board a vessel in Leith Roads, which carries them to Portfmouth, where they are to embark for Botany Bay. Of these there are five from Edinburgh-three from Glasgowfeven from Jedburgh-five from Perth-and two from Dumfries.

Lately, a fmall floop with paffengers, deftined for Greenock, owing to a sudden guft of wind, overfet near Dumbarton, and went to the bottom. Some fhort time thereafter, a trunk and feveral of the paffengers hats floated afhore. The paffengers were from England.

The Minifter has difpofed of the enfuing English lottery at the price of 161. 2s. 6d. per ticket, to Mr Cope. Mr Cope has a new plan for the detail of the lottery, to which Mr Pitt has confented.




[JULY 6. 1791.]

whole cty was thrown into the
greateft confternation.

Paris, June 23.

The gates and all the doors
palace were

IT had for fome time been locked, and the domeities ar

fufpected that attempts to
bring about a counter-revolu-
tion in France, would be made
about the time fixed for a new
election of Members for the
National Affembly, which com-
menced on the 16th of June.
In confequence, the ftrictest
orders were given to all the
officers of the National Guards
to hold themselves in readiness
to act on any emergency.-river; that carriages had been
The guards round the King's hired and stationed in different
Palace of the Thuilleries were places of the fuburbs, and that
increased, and the commanding the flight had taken place about
officer on guard had orders to 12 o'clock.
watch every motion of their
Majefties through the day, and
to fee them in their apartment
every night at ten o'clock, and
every morning at eight.

rested, but no intelligence could
be obtained of the way in which
the escape had been effected.-
The divifion of the guards on
duty were fufpected to have
favoured the flight; but it was
moft generally believed, that it
had been made by means of
double keys to the apartments,
and by a private fubterraneous
paffage from the cellars to the

Notwithstanding thefe pre. cautions, on Tuefday morning at eight o'clock (June 21.) when M. la Fayette entered the Palace, he found that the King, Queen, Dauphin, Monfieur and Madame had fled. Notice was inftantly fent to the Mayor of Paris and the Prefident of the National Affembly, and the


The whole National Guards of the city were under arms by eleven o'clock. The Affembly met at twelve, and continued fitting till five on Wednesday morning, having paffed many refolutions, all tending to quiet the minds of the people, to preferve order, and to prevent an interruption to the public bufinefs,

The Minifters were ordered to continue in their places, and to form them felves into a Council of State, and do business as formerly.

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General Rochambeau was ordered to put himself at the head of the army, and to march immediately to the frontiers.

On Wednesday, however, the alarm which their Majefties departure had occafioned, was fuddenly removed, by the unexpected intelligence being brought to the Affembly, that the King had been ftopped by the National Guards at a small town called Varennes, within 18 miles of the Luxembourg frontier. He had travelled 165 miles. A poftmafter, while the

Marfeilles, June 1o. Upon reading the celebrated letter of the Abbe Raynal, the populace of this city became fo furious, that they dreffed up a figure, representing that venerable advocate of pure liberty, and placing it in the common vehicle which conveys the poor to the hofpitals, they carried it through all the streets, and at


horfes were changing, recog-length placed it in a public nifed his Majefty, and gave no- mad-house. It was dreffed up tice to the municipality, who in a ludicrous manner, fomefent to the National Guards; thing like the London Guy Faux, they immediately furrounded with a red night-cap, a ftrait the carriage, and an exprefs waistcoat, a fool's bib, &c. and was fent off to the Affembly. infulted with every epithet of The Pope has pofitively refuf- ignominy and contempt. Thus, ed, with the approbation of his the man, who from the laudaCardinals, to admit M. Segur ble spirit and principles of his as French Minifter. His Nun-writings, was once the favou cio has alfo quitted Paris, fo rite of every fon of liberty, is that a formal rupture between now become the fcorn of pothe Pope and the French legif-pular opinion and the ridicule lature has taken place.-His of the mob. Holinefs exhorts all the Bishops and Priests, who have refufed to take the oath prefcribed, to perfevere in this holy difpofiti-a on, and to perform divine fervice any where, and with unconfecrated veffels.

laws of the Church. The National Affembly have paffed fome refolutions, requesting the King to take means to restore peace.


In the National Affembly of France on the 16th May, M. Thouret prefented the plan of decree on the liberties of the Gallican Church, and the means of preventing the effect of the enterprifes of the Court of Rome against the legislative power of France, which was decreed by

A very powerful refiftance to the new government of France has appeared in Corfica, occa-the fioned by the introduction of a new bishop and priests who

Affembly, after fome debate, in fubftance as follows: "No briefs, bills, rescripts,

had taken the civic oath.-Theor mandates of the Court of inhabitants of the island infift Rome can, on their own auon their clergy remaining on thority, be acknowledged, and the former eftablishment, fub- have the force of law. They ject to the Pope, and the old fhall be reputed null and void

if they have not been presented | put out, and that they should to the legislative body, approv-walk two or three times round ed by it, and paffed all the the table, when no doubt, upon forms neceffary for the promul. the return of the light, the gation of laws. Duke would find his purfe "The Bishops, Curates, and this being agreed to, in a few all other public fervants, whe-minutes they rung for candles, ther ecclefiaftic or civil, who, when, as the gentleman prein oppofition to the preceding dicted, the purfe was found on article, fhall caufe to be read, the table, but the money was diftributed, published, pofted, gone. or otherwise made public, any briefs, bulls, or refcripts of the Court of Rome, not approved by the legislative body, fhall be profecuted as difturbers of the public peace, and deprived of their places and falaries."

The prefent Turkish Minifter is fo intent on profecuting the war, that he would have difmiffed M. Lafcarrow, the Ruffian Envoy, from his camp, but for the news of fresh infurrections under the very walls of the feraglio. The exertions of the police are infufficient to fupply the capital with provifions, and the spirit of oppofition to the measures of Go

The Affembly alfo decreed, That perfons holding the municipal, administrative, and judiciary offices, and the office of commander of the national guards, cannot be elected mem-vernment is manifested in conbers of the legislative body. tinual fires, which have extend ed to the fuburbs of Pera and Galata. Thousands of houses have been confumed.

A few weeks ago, the Duke of Orleans, being at a card-party at Paris, fat down to play and loft his money; which when he was going to pay, he found his purfe was gone. His High-city nefs searched his pockets, and made enquiries of feveral perfons near him, if they had in a joke taken it off the table? Which on their declaring very feriously they had not, his Highnefs infifted that the door fhould be locked, and every perfon fearched, which was agreed to, as the only means of difcovering the guilty perfon, and after preferving the honour and character of the reft of the company. One of the gentlemen propofed, that, to fave the feelings of the perfon who had the purfe, the candles fhould be

In the night of the 26th of May, a fire broke out in the

of Breslaw, in Germany; the flames communicated with fuch rapidity from house to houfe, that notwithstanding the moft fpeedy affiftance was given, near feventy houses, two bridges, three churches, a convent, and many mills, filled with corn and flour, were burned.

Berlin, June 10. A very unaccountable robbery has hap pened here, which affords much converfation. The Secretary at war, whofe name is Ahe, has been robbed by his own fervant. The rafcal adminiftered to his matter an opiate medicine, which made him

the devil!

fleep for forty-eight hours: du- | frequent communications with ring this time he got the keys of all his mafter's defks, and made off with one hundred Louis d'ors, all the filver plate, and every article of jewel lery in the house. To crown all, he had the impudence to leave a writing on his mafter's table, containing a couplet of well pointed verses in German to this effect:-" Adieu, my dear Ahe, if you wish to find me, you must come to Poland." -The medicine was made fo ftrong that the gentleman's life was in fome danger.

We learn from Riga, that, about the 20th May, four British veffels were wrecked on the ifland of Ofel, whereof the one was the Hannah of Perth, Capt. John Murdoch, for Riga-the crew faved; the names of the others unknown.

The King of Spain has given orders to the Prefident of Caftile, to inform the inhabitants of the kingdom and cities of Spain, that the deputies at the Cortes have received orders to confider of means for relieving the people, and to draw up a lift of grievances, particularly of those which may tend to the general good, and reftore the prefent fyftem to the fpirit of the Spanish conftitution.

The effects of poor Caglioftro have lately been burnt at Rome by the hands of the hangman. This ceremony took place in the fquare called Minerva; and as the patents, ribbons, and other enligns of free mafonry were caft into the fire, the populace rent the air with their Thouts. The Italians are weak enough to imagine, that Caglioftro was a conjuror, who held

The laft winter in America was fo fevere, that moft of the rivers were entirely frozen up. On the Delaware, many lives were loft, and multitudes fuffered extreme distress.


On the 31st May the King of Lord Grenville is appointed Pruffia gave a grand dinner at Secretary of State for Foreign Charlottenbourg to the Duke Affairs, in room of the Duke of York, his Generals, and Mi-of Leeds, who refigned fome nifters of State, and next daytime ago.-Mr Dundas is apreturned to Potzdam. Department.-Thomas Steele, pointed Secretary for the Home Efq; is appointed Treasurer of the Navy.

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Dr Shute Barrington, Bishop of Salisbury, is promoted to the See of Durham, vacant by the death Douglas, Bishop of Carlisle, is of Dr Thurlow.-Dr promoted to the Bishoprick of Salisbury -And Dr Vernon is elected Bishop of Carlisle.

A Committee of Inquiry fat to inquire into the proceedings in December laft, at Madras, of the Meffrs Hollonds, when it appeared that they had fold places to the amount of many lacks of rupees, and feveral English gentlemen, purchasers, had been difmiffed the fervice.

filed an information ex officio, The Attorney General has bill, agaiuft Mr Hollond, latey upon the provifions of the laft arrived in the Rodney, upona

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