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400, in Voftizza 150, and in Patraffo 50.

3. All the rights renewed and guaranteed to the citizens durYefter-ing the prefent Diet are allo confirmed and ratified.

4. All foreigners who arrive and fettle in Poland shall enjoy full and entire liberty.

5. The peasants are taken under the protection of the Law and Government; they are

Warfar, May 14. day a moft important revolution took place here. At three o'clock in the morning, a numerous affembly of patriots was held in the royal prefence; and at the opening of the feffions of the Diet deftined to treat of the affairs of finance, his Ma-freed from all arbitrary impofijefty himself changed the bufi- tions, and fhall for the future nefs of the day, by saying that depend, in whatever concerns he had planned a conftitution, their rights and labour, on the and requested the States to fign contracts which they shall it. The conftitution was then themselves have entered into read, and confifted of fome with their Lords. All foreign pages-The bafis was, That the hufbandmen are at liberty to Elector of Saxony be declared enter Poland and quit it, if they fucceffor to the crown; and in have discharged all the obligacafe of his death without male tions of the contract which they iffue, that the Princefs his fhall have entered into with the daughter be declared Infanta owner of the land. of Poland, and whom the fhall marry (with confent of the republic) to be King, and their iffue fucceffors to the crown-confift of a primate and five the Queen to be regent till the King is of age, which is to be at 18 years.

8. The King fhall exercife the executive power with his Council. This Council fhall

minifters, who fhall each have a department. None of the King's refolutions can be put into execution until they are figned by the Minifters, whofe perfons and property fhall at each Diet be answerable for

Next to rendering the Crown of Poland hereditary in the family of the Elector of Saxony, the following are the principal points of the Conftitution settl-the refolutions they fhall have ed by the Diet: figned. Whenever two-thirds of the Diet demand the change of the Minifters, the King muft accede thereto, and appoint. others in their places.

1. The Catholick religion fhall be the prevailing one in the State, and the King fhall make profeffion of it. All other religions will, however, be admitted, and a general toleration, both civil and religious, fhall conftitute part of the fendamental law of the Kingdom.

2. The ancient privileges and rights of the Nobility are approved and confirmed.

9. The election of a King can no longer fall on an individual. They hall elect one family when the Royal family is extinct. So that after the death of his prefent Majefty, the reigning Elector of Saxony thall fucceed to the throne of

Poland; and in default of male heirs, the Princess Mary Augufta Nepomucene, his only daughter, from this time declared Infanta of Poland, fhall be Queen, and the Confort whom the King and the affembled States fhall choose for her shall wear the Crown, and form the ftock from whence fhall commence a new Royal Dynafty of Poland.

10. During the minority of a King, his tutelage, with the adminiftration of Government, fhall be entrusted to the Queen and the Council, who fhall give an account of their charge at each Diet.

II. The education of the King's children is also entrusted to the Council.

12. A judicial Power fhall be fixed for each Palatinate, Territory, and Diftrict; the Judges fhall be elected at the Dietines.

When the conftitution was read, the tumult in the Diet was very great, fome for, and others against it. However, it was at laft carried, and the King was requested to fwear to it, which he did in the hands of the Bishop of Cracow, and was followed by moft of the members. His majefty then faid aloud, "Those who are friends to their country, follow me, and confirm this oath folemnly at the altar."-All the Bishops, all the Senators, and moft of the members, followed the King, and took this important oath. An hundred cannon announced the fwearing to the new conftitution to the public. About thirty members were

left in the hall, who did not go to the church-eighteen of them have figned a manifefto.

His Majefty declared that the conftitution had been framed out of the English and American forms of government.

The Congress at Cziftove remain quite inactive. A conference had been opened there between the Grand Vifir and the Ruffian Ambassador, which broke off after a very short converfation.

An English veffel, named the Powis, has arived at Conftantinople with fourteen Naval Officers, who immediately went on board that divifion of the Turkish fleet which failed for the Black Sea.

A great number of French officers and marines paffed through Frankfort on the 3d of May, on their way to Petersburgh, in confequence of an invitation from the Prince of Naffau to ferve in the fleet of gallies.

The King of Sweden has published an order, forbidding all military officers from ferving as volunteers in France; and his reafon is curious, on account of the troubles which now agitate that kingdom.

Coin of every denomination is fcarce in Ruffia Copper money is at 3 per cent. and filver from 25 to 36 per cent. discount.

Rome, April 26. The King and Queen of Naples, after viewing every thing that is curious in this capital, and being daily entertained in a fumptuous manner by one or other of the Roman Nobility, left


fand prefent on the occafion: all the English in Paris affifted; the attraction was irrefiftible.

A decree paffed the National Affembly on the 23d of May, reducing the 86 Convents in French Flanders to 19.

There are fome regulations of the National Affembly fo unequivocally excellent, as to merit the imitation of all countries whatever. Among these may be numbered the privileges conferred on age; of two candidates, the eldest is, in all doubtful cafes, to be preferred. Another regulation is, that the children of bankrupts, who have received any part of the fortune of their parents, with

this city yesterday. Their
Majefties diftributed a number
of magnificent prefents; a-
mong the reft a fuperb golden
chalice to the Church of the
Vatican, and a small statue of
St. Januarius of gold, with the
fcarf of the Order set with bril- So deplorable is the ftate of
liants, to Cardinal Brafchi. A-the French Finances, that the
mong a number of prefents expenditure for the month of
made by his Holinefs to their April exceeded the receipts, to
Sicilian Majefties is the golden the amount of 24 millions, 162
rofe, which received the bene- thoufand livres.
diction this year, according to
annual cuftom, on the 4th Sun-
day in Lent; two chaplets, the
largeft with a cameo, repre-
fenting St. Januarius, for the
King, and the other with a
valuable camec, reprefenting
the annunciation to the Queen."
On Sunday the 22d of May,
the Proteftant Church in Paris,
oppofite to the King's palace,
was opened for the public per-
formance of divine fervice, for
the first time fince the revoca-out paying their proportion of
tion of the edict of Nantes, M. their debts, are debarred from
Marrou officiated as Minister; exercising the rights of citizens.
his text was "La nuit eft paffee,
le jour est leve, &c. The night is
far spent, the day is at hand;
let us therefore caft off the
works of darkness, and put on
the armour of light." Romans
chap. xiii. ver. 12, 13. He
dwelt long on the goodness of
the Divinity, that, in his wif-
dom, fuffered man to be perfe-
cuted to try his faith; he ex-
patiated on the philanthropic
decrees of the National Affem-
bly; and earneftly exhorted his The French expected to con-
auditory to prove their grati-vert into coin the bells of the
tude by a strict and uninter- fuppreffed churches and con-
rupted obedience to the Law, vents; on trial they are found
the Nation, and the King. not to be malleable.
There were above two thou

The Society of the Friends of the Conftitution at Paris, have refolved to go into mourning for twenty-four hours, as a mark of respect to the memory of " Dr Price, the friend of the human race, and of liberty."

Preparations for celebrating the 14th of July are already begun in the Champ de Mars at Paris, where 8000 workmen are employed by order of the Municipality.

The Abbe Rochon read a The Princess Royal Eaft-Indiaman is arrived at London from Bombay, and brings the pleafing intelligence of the Britifh forces having been joined

memoir on Optics to the French Academy on the 4th of May, in which he afferts, that M. Carochez has made a telescope fuperior to that of M. Her-by the whole country of the fchel's. Mahrattas.

M. Legun has demonstrated to the French Academy, that a man lofes three pounds of moisture daily by transpiration, and that he confumes about 21 cubical feet of vital air in the fame time.

M. Delalande has attempted to prove, that the Niger runs from Eaft to Weft, and not in the contrary direction, as has been afferted by Danville, and all the geographers.

The Duke of York arrived in perfect health at Potsdam, on the 16th of May. His Royal Highness was graciously received by the King of Pruffia. He fent the Duke two fine chargers as a prefent, and the reviews took place the two following days.

Colonel Hartley had on the 10th of December laft, with his detachment, attacked a body of Tippoo's forces, confifting of 13,000 men, defeated them, killed a great number, and took 900 prisoners. Our lofs during this action was very inconfiderable: No officers killed. Among the wounded are Captains Lawman and Blachford, Lieut. Steuart, and Lieut. Fireworker Powel; none of them dangerously, except the latter, who it is feared will lofe his arm.

On the part of the enemy, befides the capture, the lofs is estimated at about 1000 killed and wounded.

Their commanding officer Huffein Ally Cawn was taken. Golawn Maracen (the fame who commanded at Palliacatcherry againft Colonel Humberstone) was killed in the ditch of the fort, endeavouring to get in.-Ruftram Sair, another great Sirdar, is wounded and taken. We have also taken up

General Washington, while making a tour of America, was on the 25th of March nearly Joft within a mile of the city of Annapolis. The veffel in which he and his retinue were embarked ftruck on the rock in the night, and continued in the moft perilous fituation for near-wards of 5000 pagodas in cafh, ly eight hours.

Great advantages are expected from the proximity of our new Colony on the N. W. fide of Botany-Bay to the Coaft of Coromandel; it being nearer from this part of South Wales to Madras than from the ille of Mauritius to Pondicherry.

2 tumbrils, and 1 field-piece, and feveral guns in the fort, fome horses, and a good number of excellent draught and carriage bullocks.

The only man of confequence that escaped was Mutab Cawn, who retreated, to Ferukabad, or New Callicut, a

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place lately ftrengthened, and | Hartley having received orders confiderably improved by Tip-to join Major-General Aberpoo. Colonel Hartley inftant-crombie, he was preparing fo Îy pursued him thither; and on to do, and expected to enter the night previous to the arri- the Myfore country, and will val of the detachment, he again probably proceed against Bedfed, carrying with him, on ele-nore, as he will have 5000 Briphants, all the treasure of the tifh troops, befides auxiliaries; place. which will make the third BriThe remainder of the garri-tifh army Tippoo will have to fon, confifting of 1500 men, encounter, befides those of the laid down their arms, on the Nizam and the Mahrattas; the appearance of our troops, who firft of which has near 2000, then took poffeffion of the fort, and the latter 4000 British guns, &c. troops in their respective armies. One of the most pleasing cir- Colonel Frederick had joined cumftances attending this cap- the Mahrattas, and they were ture is the relief of Cornet Ri-proceeding to the southward. dout, who was taken by fome Moplas, on his paffage from Cochin to Tellicherry.

Baypore, a fea-port, was also taken, with a confiderable number of veffels and boats lying in the adjoining river.

The Governor General was arrived at Madras.

General Meadows was ftill before Paliacatcherry.

Allum Shaw, the Great Mogul, who was difpoffeffed of his throne and fight by GooThe Princefs Royal has alfo laum Khader Khan, one of the brought letters from General Rohilla chiefs, in September Abercrombie, dated at Canna- 1788, and who has fince been nore, 4th of January, ftating, in confinement at Delhi, died "that having learned that the in December 1790, 90 years Bibby (or Queen) of Canna-old. This Monarch afforded a nore had declared against the wonderful inftance of the mutaEnglish, he took the field a- bility of human affairs: When gainst her with 3000 Britifh he afcended the throne of Deltroops, and 2000 auxiliaries; hi, his revenue amounted to had attacked a fortified camp, upwards of 60,000,000l. per which covered her country, ann. and at the time of his deforced it, and taken 5000 of ceafe, his allowance from MaTippoo's troops, and had after-dajee Scindia did not exceed wards taken Cannanore and 1500 rupees per month. other fortified places in the Bibby's country, with 68 pieces of cannon, 5000 ftand of arms, and a large quantity of ftores,


The difpatches by the Princefs Royal also ftate, that Col.!

Madajee Scindia, who is the moft powerful of the Mahratta chiefs, has long been the most faithful and friendly of our Afiatic allies. By the expulfion of the ufurper Goolaum Khader Khan, he had greatly increas

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