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[MAY 25. 1791.]

ced, that in the year 1791 (of our æra) the arms of his TH HE campaign between the children would be constantly Ruffians and Turks has al- victorious. A fort of counterready commenced. Whilft we prediction has, indeed, been thought that both their armies ftarted against this; that, in were quiet in their Winter the fame year, the Ottoman quarters, Prince Gallitzin paf- Empire would change its Maffed the Danube, below Ifaccia, ter: but the author of this, a on the 6th April, with Prieft of the order of Lantons, men, and attacked a corps of has been impaled alive, and his Turks encamped along the prophecy has fallen into disreriver, whom they totally de-pute. feated. Two days after that, The congrefs at Siftove conthey took Mackschin, and made tinues in a state of indecifion. prifoners of wara Pacha of three It has fat now more than three tails, another of two, Haffan months, and not one refolution Samfunzi Baffa, the greateft is the refult of their deliberafavourite of the prefent Grand tions. Vizir, and who was fent there


The Revolution has produto regulate the warlike opera-ced a rebellion in a fouthern tions, befides Ibrahim Baffa, province of France called Comand fixty officers, with a vaft tat Venaiffin, which has occafinumber of privates, and nine oned much bloodshed, and we pieces of brafs ordnance. The shall therefore relate the partiTurks are faid to have had culars. 2000 men killed, and among them many foreign Officers.

The plague, which has juft fubfided in Conftantinople, has been fucceeded by a dreadful fire, which has deftroyed houfes, warehouses, &c. to a confiderable amount.

A prophecy of Mahomet has been very feasonably produ


The combined Army of the Infurgents, or of that party, in the Comtat, who oppofe its reunion with France, and whofe principal ftrength lies in Carpentras, poffeffed themselves, in the beginning of April, of Sarrians, Mazan, Caromb, Barroux, and a number of other fmaller Municipalities. On the

other hand, the Patriotic Party
in Avignon and Vauclues, rai-
fed an
army of near 10,00c
men. The greateft part of
thefe forces put themfelves in

combat, which ended in the total difperfion of the Rebel Army. That of the Patriots marched ftrait on to Sarrians, and planting their cannon amarch, on the 18th of April,gainft its walls, the keys were towards Sarrians, a town in the delivered after the first dif neighbourhood of Orange, and charge. The Lieutenant-Geone of thofe comprised in the neral who commanded in the Federation of Sainte Cecile.-attack, entered with a modeOn the 19th, at eight o'clock rate efcort, and proceeded to in the morning, they halted in the Hotel de Ville, which was a plain in the vicinity of Sar-deferted, and the doors and rians, where the army took windows of the houses were their breakfast. all fhut; while in the midst of this general filence, a discharge of mufquetry was made from all the windows opening on the Grand Square. Here the foldi ers could no longer be reftrained; a general pillage took place, and fire was fet to the houfes from whence the mufkets were discharged.


From the peasants in the neighbourhood they learnt, that Sarrians was entirely deferted by the garrison thrown into it, and that the town intended to furrender. On the faith of this report, they continued their march in fecure confidence; when all of a fuden, while their main body were paffing a de- After this the army withfile, they were attacked from drew from the town, encampthe heights on each fide, by a ed on fome heights which comcontinued discharge of muf-manded it, and after refling quetry and cannon; and here there about two hours, marchwas fought the first pitched ed on to Mouteux, a town abattle to which the revolution bout two leagues diftant from in France has given occafion. Carpentras, where they are now encamped.

The Patriot Army difengaged themfelves from the defile, and formed their ranks. The enemy, faid to have confifted of feven thousand men, formed into two bodies, and fupplied with feven cannon, had greatly the advantage of pofition they were, however, obliged to give ground.

In confequence of the infurrection above related, M. Menou propofed the following Decree, in the National Af fembly, on the 7th current :

That Avignon, with Venaiffin, and all their Dependencies, fhould be incorporated with France; that the King They then entrenched them-fhould be requested to fend felves among fome country-three Commiffioners, with full houses; from whence, being powers, to confirm this Union, diflodged, they rallied a second &c. &c. and to negociate with time, and drew up in ranks. the Court of Rome for an inHere commenced a regular | demnification."

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This important queftion occupied the attention of the Affembly four days, when, after warm debates, it was negatived, 487 to 316.

The Pope's Brief to the French Nation has just been promulgated. By it, M. Telleyrand Perigord, late Bishop of Autun, is fufpended from all his functions, and excommunicated after forty days, if in that time he does not return to his duty.

mutinied on their arrival, and that the head of M. Morduit, a very worthy officer, had been cut off by the grenadiers of his own regiment.

M. la Fayette, unable to refift the entreaties, petitions, and tears of the Parisian National Guard, at length has yielded to pity, and on the 2d curt. fumed the command: he paffed through the principal ftreets of the capital at the head of the unarmed militia, to prove unequivocally that he had once more put on the national dress, and forgiven, for the fake of his country, the infult he had received from men, rather ignorant of their duty, than intentionally criminal. He waited on the King, ftill followed by his penitent foldiers, who vociferated" Vive le Roi" with more than ordinary zeal, and moft riotoufly fhowed their loyalty as they filed off before the captive Monarch. A citizen foldier, on paffing before his Majefty, exclaimed, "Sire, Behold your true friends." His Majefty immediately replied with the most lively emotion, "I am convinced of it,"

The French King went to the Church of St Auguftin on Easter Sunday, and received the facrament from the hand of the conftitutional Minifters. The Queen attended him, and the watchfulParifians obferved with re-extraordinary pleasure, that the ribbons in her hair were, for the first time, of the national colours!

The French King's fifters arrived at Rome on the 16th ult.

Sunday the first of May, was the day on which the payment of all duties of entree into the city of Paris ceased, according to the decrees of the National Affembly. Upon this occafion detachments of the National Guards, attended with mufic, made the circuit of the city walls; and an immenfe quantity of merchandize was brought within them without the least disturbance. There was fome apprehenfion that the barriers would be riotously destroyed by the mob. They will, however, be quietly taken down, in their turn, under the infpection of the Officers of the public works.

A note was read in the National Affembly on the 25th ult. by which it appeared, that the troops fent out to quell the revolt in St. Domingo, had

The two leaders of the difturbances in St. Domingo have been broken on the wheel, and nearly 200 of their misguided adherents have received fentence of death.

Affignats to the amount of ten millions of livres were burnt on the 6th inft. the ceremony was performed in the presence

of many witneffes collected by bills of invitation. go millions in all have now been burnt.

Several people have been lately feized at Paris, charged

The King of Naples, in the courfe of his tour to Vienna, killed, in Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia, according to the German newspapers, 5 bears, 190 with the fabrication of Affig-wild boars, 968 ftags,13 wolves, 354 foxes, 17 badgers, 5,330 pheasants, 1121 rabbits, 16,354 hares, 1625 goats, 1145 deer, and 12,435 partridges.

nats. A perfon of the name of Joffan, who is now in cuftody, has forged thefe fecurities to the amount of 1,5 co,000 livres.

On the 28th ult. a letter was The unfortunate Caglioftro read in the National Affembly is at length informed of the exof France from Count de Fer-tent of his deftiny in this world. nand Nunes, the Spanish Mini- His trial was concluded at fter for Foreign Affairs, to M.Rome on the 7th of April, in de Montmorin, the French Mi- the prefence of a congregation nister, ftating, that the King of of Cardinals, and of the ComSpain, notwithstanding his con-miffioners affociated with them ftant attachment to France, had upon the occafion. The vote thought it neceffary to eftablish of the majority was for a fenin the Provinces of Catalonia tence of death; but the deand Arragon a line of troops cifion being carried to his Holito prevent the entrance of all nefs, it was changed into an fuch Frenchmen as are not well order for perpetual imprifonknown. The letter adds, that ment. His papers and cloaths this precaution ought not to are to be burnt by the com

be confidered as an act of hof-mon hangman; and he has
tility, and that it is by no been informed that all hopes
means the intention of the of pardon will be vain.
Court of Spain to interrupt the Caglioftro will not be confin-
commerce between the two na-ed in the fortrefs of St Leon,
but will remain in the castle of
On the 31st of March the St. Ange. His fentence has
National Flag of France was been published, but no men-
hoifted by all the French vef-tion has been made of the mo-
fels in the bay of Cadiz; on tives through which he com-
which occafion they fired three mitted the crimes alledged a-
falutes. The hips belonging gainst him: it only fays that
to other nations in that port he has been declared by his
hoifted their colours at the own confeffion, and by convic-
fame time.
tion, a Heretick, an Herefiarch,
a Judiciary Aftrologer, a Ma-
gician, and a Free-mafon.

There has been a violent revolution at Chandenagor e, one of the French Settlements in the East Indies, in which the Commandant has been driven

The Small-pox has become epidemical at Copenhagen. No lefs than 9000 perfons are affrom the place, and fince madefected with it, and it carries off a prifoner by the inhabitants.

50 a-week.

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Peyroufe, the great Gallic Settlement called Big Bottom, circumnavigator, is fafe. Ac-twenty miles from Fort Harcounts are received from him, mar, on the Muskingum, which with Maps, Charts, &c. of his they entirely deftroyed. Elecourfe down to his arrival at ven men and two children were Botany Bay. massacred, two escaped, and three were taken prifoners.

Mr Matra, Ambaffador from the Court of England, is arrived at Tangier in an English frigate, with fome presents for

An American paper has the following extraordinary article: On Tuesday the 14th of

the King of Morocco, consist-January, Mrs Cooke, of Caroing of bombs and balls. lina, county of Maryland, was delivered of a dead child, which fhe had carried for upwards of ten years. The child appeared to have been of the fize of a full grown one of nine months old, and was extraced through an opening made in the fide of its mother.

Two captives, an old man and his daughter, lately redeemed at Fez, report, that in the interior parts of Africa, the chriftian flaves are so numerous, as to have formed a fort of colony, under the inspection, and for the profit of their mafters, who debar them from an communication with the towns on the coaft.

Died, lately, near Dumfries, in the back fettlements of Virginia, aged 106, Mrs Henrietta In an account, which has Martiel, a native of Hanover. been taken of the births and She lived in the fervice of deaths in Auftria, the follow-George I. 15 years, in Hanover ing remarkable circumftance ap-12, in England 3, in Jamaica peared. In the village of Go-23, and in Virginia 53. She had teifchen, which contains three ten children, two of whom are hundred and fifty inhabitants, ftill living, 25 grand-children, there have been no deaths for and 43 great grand-children, thefe two years past. one of whom died the fame day that the former was interred.

Letters from America ftate, that Congrefs are preparing to fend a powerful force againft the Indians, who are now making war on the United States: the Chippaws, Delawares, and other Tribes, having joined the hoftile Savages. Since the retreat of the fœderal troops under General Harmar, It was actually tried on three the Miami Indians have com-fubjects, who drank feveral mitted unparalleled cruelties. pints. A remedy fo fimple A large body of them, on the and ufeful cannot be too uni2d of February, attacked the verfally known.

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The value of the exports from the United States of America, for the laft thirteen months, amounts to 20,200,000 dollars.

An immediate remedy for the bite of a mad dog is faid to have been accidentally difcovered, at Venice, in vinegar.

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