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21. For those people that had gone into that far country, foon rebelled, and they turned their arms against their parent country, and they did what was in their power to undo the land of their fathers.

22. And they said, it is not fit that we fhould obey thee; neither will we longer be fubjected to thy fway.

23. And the rulers of Britain were grieved thereat; and they stirred up the people, fo that they were enraged;--and they warred against them for many years. 24. But the colonies at laft prevailed, and they became a free people.

25. Neither did the people of Britain at first perceive the favour that their colonies had done them, by thus freeing them from a burden that they never would have been able to bear:

26. For their understanding had been perverted by those who govern them, and a spirit of delufion had gone forth through the land.

27. Verily, they ftill fhut their eyes against the clearest light; nor will they now fee, that while they are fighting to extend their dominions, they are only ftruggling to load themselves, and their children, and their children's children, with fresh burthens.

28. And the rulers fmile at the fuccefs of their arts, and they say in their hearts, the bubble will not break till we shall have aggrandized ourselves.

29. Whom the Lord loveth to chaften, he hardeneth their hearts, fo that their judgment is perverted.

30. Neverthelefs, the people think they are a great and a wife people; and that all other nations, when compared with them, are as nothing.

31. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear; and he that hath an understanding, let him ponder these things!

Nn 2

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A Card from a gentleman in the old town, to a lady in the new.

LEANDER, who (old poets write)
The Hellefpont fwam every night,

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(Strength mighty love fupplied)
Would juftly have exclaim'd and swore,
Had, when he gain'd the lady's door,
Admittance been denied.

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Roy's wife of Aldevalloch, a favourite new fong.


O Roy's wife of Aldevalloch,
Roy's wife of Aldevalloch,
ye how the cheated me
AsIcame o'er the bracs o' Ballọc.
She vow'd and fwore fhe wad be mine,
And that the loo'd me best of ony;
But, ah! the fickle faithlefs quean,

She's ta'en the carle and left her Johnny.
O Roy's wife &c.

How happy I had the been mine,

Or I'd been Roy of Aldevalloch.
O Roy's wife, &c.

O fhe was a canty quean,

And weel could dance the Highland walloch;

Her hair fae fair, her een fae clear,

Her wee bit mou' fae fweet an' benny,
To me the ever will be dear,

Tho' fhe 's ta'en the carle and left her Johnny.
O Roy's wife, &c.

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The ardour of thy mind:
To all the habitable earth,

Belong the honours of thy birth,
True patriot of mankind.

The aim was thine to fwell the ftore
Of human blifs poffeff'd before,
And focial comforts give
To men, who miferably know,
No with beyond the 'fcape from was,
But the mere wifh to live.

Thy gen'rous courage dar'd effay,
To trace in wilder'd wastes a way,
And commerce means afford:
The favage of the wild to tame
Into a citizen, and frame
A city of a horde.

By law fecurity extend,
Freedom with peace and plenty blend
And friendly feafts prepare,
Where famine o'er the chafe prefides
And cannibals contending guides
A brother's corfe to tear,

With fenfibilities to feel
Alluring pleafure's foft appeal,
The fentimental ties

Of gentle love and friendship true,
And the dear praise to merit due,
That civil life fupplies;

But more with vig'rous virtue bleft, That each indulgent wifh fuppreff'd, Magnanimously good;

The blandishments of leifure fpurn'd, And lab'ring, human welfare turn'd To feats of hardihood.

Trav'ling with barefoot patience o'er
The ftony road, the rocky fhore,
A frozen fea to tread

With guideless step, and naked go 'Through regions of unfathon'd fnow Immeafurably fpread.

With perfeverance undifmay'd,
Thy toils no difappointment stay'd;

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