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YEAR 1758 TO THE YEAR 1780,





In arcto, et inglorius labor.

TAC. Annal. Lib. iv.




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HE Compiler of the following INDEX, equally defirous of communicating pleasure and information to the Reader, has endeavoured in its execution to adopt that plan which appeared most likely to convey a fummary and comprehenfive knowledge of the valuable materials difperfed throughout the ANNUAL REGISTER. For this purpose he has collected from the various parts of the Register (whether contained in the CHRONICLE OF APPENDIX, or under any particular head or title) whatever has been faid on that head or title, and placed it under the fame; so that the Reader may fee, in one connected and uninterrupted view, whatever has been recorded or faid on that particular fubject. For inftance, any revolution which has taken place in any country (as in Denmark, Ruffia, or Sweden) or any occurrence in any foreign country, (as France, Spain, &c.) will be found under the titles Denmark, France, Ruffia, Spain, Sweden, &c. in the HISTORY OF EUROPE; the firft figure denoting the volume, the fecond and following figures the page and pages of the volume. Thus, alfo, every discovery in, or obfervation upon, Natural History, Useful Projects, &c. &c. contained in the Regifter, is arranged in alphabetical order under NATURAL HISTORY, USEFUL PROJECTS, &c. &c. the volume, and the pages of the volume, being to be found according to the abovementioned directions.


To elucidate this hiftorical part of the Annual Re gifter, the Reader is referred to the end of the Sixth Volume, where he will find the following Maps: a new Map of the SEAT OF WAR on the COASTS of MALABAR and COROMANDEL, in the EMPIRE of the GREAT MOGOL; a CHART of the SEAT of WAR on the Coafts of FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, and ITALY, with the adjacent Coasts and Islands in the OCEAN and MEDITERRANEAN SEA; a new Map of the BRITISH DOMINIONS in NORTH AmeRICA, with the limits of the governments annexed thereto, by the late treaty of peace, and settled by proclamation, October 7th, 1763.

With respect to England, every occurrence, political and parliamentary, relating to the public tranfactions of this country, as connected with other States, is placed under the titles England and English Parliamentary, in the HISTORY OF EUROPE; whilft every article which relates to the internal administration or domeftic occurrences of this kingdom in general, and of London in particular, is comprised under the head of CHRONICLE AND THE APPENDIX.

The figures contained within crotchets [ ], or within crotchets and afterisks [*], refer to the articles in the former part of the Regifter; viz. the HISTORY OF EUROPE, the CHRONICLE, APPENDIX TO THE CHRONICLE, and the STATE PAPERS: and thefe crotchets and afterisks have been faithfully attended to and preferved in the Index. The remaining parts of the Regifter, beginning with CHARACTERS, are printed without thefe crotchets and afterifks, and therefore they have none in the Index, unlefs when any of thefe articles are brought from the CHRONICLE (which is diftinguifhed by crotchets) and placed under one of thefe general heads.

The utility of referring to proper names of perfons (whether authors or others) is very obvious, as it greatly facilitates the mode of finding out any article, and is more easily remembered than the fubjects to which these names relate. It has therefore engaged a particular share of the Compiler's attention, especially in the article CHARACTERS, so as to form an easy access to this valuable repofitory of the manners and cuftoms of nations and of individuals, whether ancient or modern, barbarous or civilized, Pagan or Chriftian.

Such is the plan which the Compiler has purfued. He has endeavoured to execute the work with accuracy, and has omitted no article worthy the attention of the Reader.

Additions to the Preface to the Second Edition.


From the rapid fale of the First Edition, he is inclined to hope, that his labours have met with a candid reception in general. With a view to make this Second Edition more worthy of public favour, he has corrected several errata of the prefs, which appeared in the First Edition, and has made fome confiderable additions in various parts of the Index. At the fame time he begs leave to observe, that any hints for improving this, and rendering another edition (if neceffary) more perfect, will be thankfully received by the Publisher, who will take care that they fhall be attended to and inferted,

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