Andreas Hofer: An Historical Novel

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D. Appleton, 1868 - 261 trang

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Trang 36 - Rate sitzen Weisheit, Klugheit, Redlichkeit: Und mit Seiner Hoheit Blitzen Schalten nur Gerechtigkeit! Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, Unsern guten Kaiser Franz!
Trang 101 - ... shots were fired from them at the Bavarian troops ; every house became a fortress, every tower a citadel. A frightful scene ensued : the Bavarians in some places surrendered and begged for quarter ; in others they continued the combat with undaunted resolution ; and in the mle several bloody deeds were committed, which, in their cooler moments, the Tyrolese would have been the first to condemn. All at once loud cheers burst forth in the streets, and the Tyrolese repeated again and again the...
Trang 141 - I have taken some from you, in quarters where you were not personally present. I propose to your Majesty to exchange them, man for man, rank for rank. If this proposal proves agreeable to you, point out the place where it may be possible to put it into effect.
Trang 181 - For long the contest was undecided,— the superior discipline and admirable artillery of the enemy prevailing over the impetuous but disorderly assaults and deadly aim of the mountaineers. But, towards nightfall, the bridge of the Sill was carried after a desperate struggle; and their left flank being thus turned, the French and Bavarians gave way on all sides, and were pursued with great slaughter into the town.
Trang 233 - Retiring to his native valley, he long eluded the search of the victors. His place of concealment was a solitary alpine hut, four leagues distant from his home, in general inaccessible from the snow which surrounded it. In that deep solitude he was furnished, by stealth, with provisions by a few faithful followers, and more than once visited by secret messengers from the Emperor of Austria, who in vain used every entreaty to induce him to abandon the Tyrol, and accept an asylum in the Imperial dominions....
Trang 124 - ... the pew in which we were all sitting. On our return Mr. S. M. found on his bed three things removed from his dressing-table, and placed in the form of a cross on his bed. He called Dr. S. into his room to see what had taken place during our absence. Dr. S. heard loud raps on the footboard of the bed. He then locked the door, put the key in his pocket, and left the room vacant for a time. We went to dinner, and during our meal the large dining-table, covered with glass, china, etc., repeatedly...
Trang 181 - Her words were prophetic ; for the Tyroleans, animated by their success, no longer stood on the defensive, but, flocking from all quarters to the standard of Hofer, assembled in multitudes on Mount Isel, the scene of their former triumphs, and destined to be immortalized by a' still more extraordinary victory. Lefebvre had collected his whole force, with thirty pieces of cannon, on the small plain which lies between Innsbruck and the foot of the mountains on the southern side of the river Inn. The...
Trang 137 - Baum und Pflanze wird, wie sich der Berg erhebt, Und froh des Lebens sich die jungen Thiere regen. Der Donner rollet uns entgegen; Der Regen suselt, jedes Wesen strebt Ins Daseyn; und bestimmt, des Schpfers Werk zu krnen, Sehn wir das erste Paar gefhrt von deinen Tnen.
Trang 141 - You have taken many prisoners from mo, sire, and I have taken some thousands from you in quarters where you were not personally present I propose to your majesty to exchange them, man for man, rank for rank ; and, if that proposal proves agreeable to you, point out the place where it may be possible to carry it into effect I feel...
Trang 229 - His Majesty the Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, and Mediator of Switzerland, was graciously pleased to make the following reply.

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