The Times of Lady Dai

B́a trước, 6 thg 9, 2008 - 183 trang
History and Poetry combined within a true story of a Chinese Han Dynasty Lady. *Mawangdui is the name of a Han dynasty [206 BC-AD 24] archaeological site situated in China in a suburb of the modern town of Changsha, Hunan Province. Three tombs dated to the 2nd. century BC were excavated during the 1970s, and revealed to belong to the Marquis of Dai, Li Dang; Lady Dai [died after 168 BC]; and their son [d. 168 BC]. The tombs were excavated between 15 and 18 meters below the ground surface and buried beneath a huge earthen mound. A perfect blend of facts and poetry. Including "The Civilization of China by H. A. Giles, written for readers who know little about Chinese history. Illustrations within.

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