Shawnee Heritage II

B́a trước, 08-01-2009 - 507 trang
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This is the second volume in the series of Shawnee Heritage books by Don Greene. In this volume, Don traces the lineages of some prominent Shawnee, including Cornstalk, Tecumseh and many others. His research reveals relationships by intermarriage and adoption of the Shawnee with a number of other Native American nations, such as the Powhatan, Cherokee and Creek. This work pulls together the entries from Shawnee Heritage I, updates them, and puts them in a coherent genealogical framework. This is a valuable book for those with Native American roots, an interest in all things Shawnee or as an aid in scholarly research. Several appendices provide a linguistic, cultural and historical context and present Don's view of the rich Heritage of the Shawnee.

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