A Pictorial History of Greece, Ancient and Modern

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Sorin & Ball and Samuel Agnew, 1847 - 371 trang
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Trang 69 - God, the immortality of the soul, and a future state of rewards and punishments have been esteemed useful engines of government.
Trang 329 - They fought— like brave men, long and well; They piled that ground with Moslem slain: They conquered— but Bozzaris fell, Bleeding at every vein. His few surviving comrades saw His smile when rang their proud hurrah, And the red field was won; Then saw in death his eyelids close Calmly, as to a night's repose. Like flowers at set of sun.
Trang 69 - There is a Power whose care Teaches thy way along that pathless coast, The desert and illimitable air, Lone wandering, but not lost.
Trang 54 - O'er her broad shoulders hangs his horrid shield, Dire, black, tremendous ! Round the margin roll'd, A fringe of serpents hissing guards the gold : Here all the terrors of grim War appear, Here rages Force, here tremble Flight and Fear, Here storm'd Contention, and here Fury frown'd, And the dire orb portentous Gorgon crown'd.
Trang 64 - THOU, of all creation blest, Sweet insect ! that delight'st to rest Upon the wild wood's leafy tops, To drink the dew that morning drops, And chirp thy song with such a glee, That happiest kings may envy thee ! Whatever decks the velvet field, Whate'er the circling seasons yield, Whatever buds, whatever blows, For thee it buds, for thee it grows. Nor yet art thou the peasant's fear, To him thy friendly notes are dear ; For...
Trang 53 - Of sounding brass ; the polish'd axle, steel. Eight brazen spokes in radiant order flame; The circles gold, of uncorrupted frame, Such as the heavens produce : and round the gold Two brazen rings of work divine were roll'd. The bossy naves of solid silver shone; Braces of gold suspend the moving throne : The car, behind, an arching figure bore ; The bending concave form'd an arch before. Silver the beam, the' extended yoke was gold, And golden reins the
Trang 245 - Know that a son is born to us. We thank the gods, not so much for their gift, as for bestowing it at a time when Aristotle lives. We assure ourselves that you will form him a prince, worthy of his father, and worthy of Macedon.
Trang 201 - Socrates was to drink the poison. His family and friends assembled early, to spend the last hours with him. Xanthippe, his wife, was much affected, and showed her grief by loud cries. Socrates made a sign to Crito to have her removed, as he wished to spend his last moments in tranquillity. He then talked with his friends first about his poem, then concerning suicide, and lastly concerning the immortality of the soul.
Trang 55 - Venus bewailed his death with much sorrow, and changed his blood, which was shed on the ground, into the flower anemone.
Trang 32 - ... that the Greeks constructed a wooden horse of prodigious size, in the body of which they concealed a number of armed men, and then retired towards the sea-shore, to induce the enemy to believe that the besiegers had given up the enterprise, and were about to return home. Deceived by this manoeuvre, the Trojans brought the gigantic horse into the city, and the men who had been concealed within it, stealing out in the night-time, unbarred the gates, and admitted the Grecian army within the walls....

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