From Intelligent to Smart Cities

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Mark Deakin, Husam Al Waer
Routledge, 2012 - 89 trang

The concept of smart cities offers a revolutionary vision of urban design for sustainability. Utilizing the intelligent application of new technologies, smart cities also incorporate considerations of social and environmental capital in order to transform the life and work of cities.

This book brings together papers from leading international experts on the transition to smart cities. Drawing upon the experiences of cities in the USA, Canada and Europe, the authors describe the definitional components, critical insights and institutional means by which we can achieve truly smart cities. The resulting volume will be of interest to all involved in urban planning, architecture and engineering, as well as all interested in urban sustainability.

This book was published as a special issue of Intelligent Buildings International.

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Mark Deakin is Professor of Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University, UK.

Husam Al Waer is Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development at the University of Dundee, UK.

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