Europa Triumphans

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J. R. Mulryne, Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly, Margaret Shewring, Elizabeth Goldring, Modern Humanities Research Association, Sarah Knight
Ashgate, 2004 - 16 trang
A landmark in the study of early modern Europe, this two-volume collection makes available for the first time a selection of the most important texts from court and civic festival books.Festival entertainments were presented to mark such occasions as royal and ducal entries to capital cities, dynastic marriages, the birth and christening of heirs, religious feasts and royal and ducal funerals. Europa Triumphans represents the chronological and trans-European range of the court and civic festival. These festivals are considered not simply as texts, but as events, and are introduced by groups of scholars, each with a specialist knowledge of the political, social and cultural significance of the festival and of the iconography, spectacle, music, dance, voice and gesture in which they were expressed.To demonstrate the geographic spread and political significance of festivals, and to illustrate the range of aesthetic languages they deploy, the festivals included in these two volumes are grouped in the following sections: Henri III; Genoa; Poland-Lithuania; The Netherlands; The Protestant Union; La Rochelle; Scandinavia; and The New World. These texts provide many valuable insights into the variety of political systems and historical circumstances that formed them.Beautifully produced with 148 black-and-white and 23 colour illustrations, Europa Triumphans represents an invaluable reference source for the study of early modern Europe. It presents texts both in transcription and translated into English, and is supplemented with introductory essays and commentaries.Europa Triumphans is co-published by Ashgate and the Modern Humanities Research Association, in conjunction with the AHRB Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick, UK.

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